This Company Is Paying You €600 To Spend A Day With Dogs

golden retrievers

  Dog lovers, this one’s for you 😍     Company Canine Cottages in the UK have launched a competition where one lucky winner and their friend could win two tickets to the Golden Retriever Experience in Somerset plus a €600 voucher to stay in one of the nearby Canine Cottages properties 🤩     […]

10 Puppies Rescued From Vans During Heatwave

puppies rescued

  Up to ten dogs and puppies were found ‘half dead’ being left in vans on the hottest day on record.   On Tuesday, July 19, the dogs were travelling from France to the UK while the UK experienced 40°C weather.     The shipment’s transportation provider apologized for the event and admitted that it […]

WATCH: Two Pitbulls Attack Another Dog During Għasri Feast

Pitbull dogs attack

  Last Saturday, a family dog was caught on video being attacked during the feast of Għasri by two pitbull dogs.   The dog’s family and the dog were walking through the streets of Għasri when all of a sudden, they were approached by two aggressive pitbull dogs who eventually attacked their dog.   Their […]

Owner Of 80 Cats And Dogs Sadly Passes Away

Owner Dogs

  Austin, also known as the man who took care of more than 80 dogs and cats has sadly passed away.     His passing was announced yesterday by Jenkins Maria, leaving everyone who heard the news extremely broken-hearted.   This exemplary local looked after the animals he found on the streets to try his […]

Scientists Researching For Dogs To Live Longer

  Scientists at the University of Washington launched the Dog Aging Project to see whether there was a method to lengthen the lives of dogs by two to four years; their study is still ongoing.   Seeing your dog age is heartbreaking because you know the day will come when you must say your final […]

WATCH: Man Films Giving Puppucinos To Dogs

  A man filmed himself giving puppucinos to cute dogs in the Drive Thru all day! Check out the video below:     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Graham (@grahamcrackers888)

Study Finds That 7 In 10 People Consider Their Dog To Be Their Best Friend

  A survey conducted across 2,000 dog owners revealed that 7 in 10 people considered their dog their best friend!           OnePoll carried out the survey, and also concluded: Three-quarters considered their dog as a family member Two-thirds admitted they would spare no expense for their pet 80% believed in regularly […]

Dog Dumped At Local Shelter By Owners For Being “Gay”

  Former owners of a dog in North Carolina have received some backlash on social media after abandoning him because they thought he was gay…     Fezco the dog is four to five years old and is known to get along with both people and other animals, making him a wonderful pet for any […]

Study Says Affection From Dogs Is Medicinal

A new study confirmed that affection from dogs can actually be medicinal. The study states that dogs can help reduce pain from patients in the emergency room within just around 10 minutes. Apart from that, canine affection can also provide optimism for patients and health care providers dealing with health problems. According the author of […]

‘Untrainable’ Labrador Becomes Fire & Rescue Service Search Dog

  Bailey, a stray Labrador who was described as ‘unruly, untrainable, unsociable, rude and stubborn’ has proven her haters wrong and found a new life as a service dog!     Essex Fire Service dog handler Graham Currie came to the rescue after Dogs Trust in Loughborough called for someone to take Bailey home. In […]

All Of Malta’s Dog Shelters Reach Full Capacity As More Dogs Are Being Abandoned

  The animal welfare commissioner has said that all of Malta’s dog shelters have reached maximum capacity as more dogs are being abandoned.     Within the last month, animal sanctuaries across the Islands have called out on the public to ‘adopt, don’t shop’ as the number of stray dogs increased. Both Animal Welfare Gozo […]

Woman Creates Chair Allowing Pets To Spend More Time With Owners While They Work

  The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed many people to work from home, meaning more time to spend with their pets.! Although it’s comforting to know that you can go for a snuggle with your furry friend at any time you want, concentrating and actually getting work done can become a struggle…     That’s where Simone […]

Gozo Opens Its First-Ever Dog Park In Qala

  The first Qala Dog Park has been inaugurated in Gozo earlier today, with a value of roughly €25,000, as funded by the Ministry for Gozo.     Through the Eco-Gozo Directorate under which the Animal Protection section falls, the Ministry has developed part of the Family Garden into a dog park. The park is […]

Streaming Service Designed For Dogs Set To Launch

  Dogs give us endless comfort, love and entertainment – so it’s high time for us to do the same!     Say hello to DOGTV, a streaming service designed especially for our furry friends as a means of keeping them company and reducing separation anxiety while their owners are gone.     DOGTV will […]

Here’s Why Your Dog Tilts Their Head When You Talk To Them

  Don’t you just love science? We get to learn more and more about our fur babies and how they communicate – and this study is bringing something new…     Turns out, if your dog tilts their head when you talk, it might be more than just a cute gesture – they might be […]

Dog Owners Warned After Stray Was Attacked To Death In Birkirkara

  On Monday, a Birkirkara resident took to Facebook to report that a stray dog was horrifically attacked to death near the HSBC ATM at Triq it-Torri.     The local resident, James Galea, told 89.7 Bay that at around 11pm last night, he stopped by the HSBC ATM on his way home. As he […]