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Rainbow Bridge Honours The Memory Of Late Dogs

  What a cute way to remember our furry friends 🐶     A Rainbow Bridge in Lake Lure is a special place where owners can go to remember and honour their late dogs🥰   Amy Wald, an artist, created this bridge after her beloved dog passed away. She wants the bridge to be a […]

Psychologists Reveal Dogs Dream About Their Humans

In your dog’s dream world, you’re the star of the show 🌙🐶💤     We’ve all observed our canine companions’ noses twitching, legs moving as if in a run, and heard their muffled barks during their slumber. After a day filled with beach or countryside adventures and exploring the backyard, it’s easy to imagine what […]

Festival Called ‘Kukur Tihar’ Devoted To Honouring Dogs

Festival Kukur Tihar Dogs

  As they deserve!     This annual Hindu celebration called Kukur Tihar, which takes place on the second day of Tihar, has originated in Nepal. Dogs are worshipped on this day in order to please Yama, the god of death, as they are thought to be his messengers.   Tilaka is used to decorate […]

Women Who Sleep With Their Dogs Have Better Rest

Women Sleep Dogs

  According to research by Canisius College in New York State, women who sleep with dogs get more sleep than those who sleep with cats or human partners.     A survey of almost 1,000 US women revealed that having dogs in bed reduced distractions and increased feelings of security and comfort.   “We found […]

Dogs Give You Their Paw To Ask For More Attention

Dogs handshakes have the most wholesome meaning!   Sarah Wooten, hailing from Pumpkin Pet Insurance, a US-based company, has delved into the depths of pet communication, shedding light on the multifaceted meanings behind a simple canine gesture. She elucidated how a dog’s paw can convey diverse messages, serving as a tool for their communication repertoire. […]

The World’s Weirdest Looking Dogs To Ever Exist

World Weirdest Dogs

  These dogs’ imperfections make them even more special and unique!     The annual World’s Ugliest Dog Contest is a competition intended to show that all dogs are beautiful and deserve to be in the spotlight.   Here are some of our favourite winners over the years:   Elwood (2005-2013)     Peanut (2014-Present) […]

Petting Other People’s Dogs Has Health Benefits

Pawsitive vibes only 🥰   Emerging research in a fascinating scientific field reveals that even brief positive interactions with dogs can leave a lasting impact on individuals. These encounters are shown to reduce stress hormones and boost what experts often refer to as the “love hormone.” Remarkably, spending just five minutes with a dog can […]

Dogs Are No Longer Allowed Inside On Gozo Ferry

The fur babies are being left outside despite the heat wave struggle ☹️   Dog owners have expressed their disappointment and disapproval of a new rule that prohibits dogs from being allowed indoors on the Gozo ferry. Many of them took to social media to share their experiences and frustrations.   The video shows one […]

Dogs Often Have Dreams About Their Owners

Harvard psychologists found that dogs typically dream about their owners while they are asleep. 😴❤️     According to the study, dogs dream similarly to people in that they frequently reflect their waking lives in their dreams. Naturally, a dog’s owner is a big part of that daily experience and would appear frequently in dreams […]

UPS Delivery Driver Takes Photos With Dogs He Meets

A UPS driver in New Orleans has been capturing heartwarming selfies with dogs he encounters on his route.   Jason Hardesty started taking photos about two years ago when he was assigned to a different neighborhood with much friendlier furry friends compared to his previous route.   “On my old route, which had more families, […]

Landfill-Adopted Puppies Reunited After 2 Months

After being abandoned in a landfill near Wasteserv in February, three puppies were rescued by the MSPCA and have now been successfully rehomed as of early this month.   Despite a police report filed for justice, the original owner of the dogs has yet to be fined or charged in court.   Bruno, Priscilla, and […]

Animal Welfare Takes In Dogs From Msida Attack

Confirmed reports state that Animal Welfare officers have taken custody of the dogs involved in the attack that occurred on Monday, along with other dogs found at Andre Galea’s residence in Msida.     A total of eight dogs were retrieved from the house where Galea, a breeder, was chased out in the middle of […]

Breeder Attacked By His Own Dogs In Msida

  A dog breeder whose pit bulls killed his grandmother in 2020 has been hospitalized after being attacked by his own dogs on Monday morning. Andre Galea, who made headlines for the tragic incident last year, was reportedly attacked outside his residence in Msida. Neighbors heard screaming and cries for help around 1.30am and witnessed […]

Did You Know Cheetahs Need Support Dogs Because They’re Shy

Cheetahs Support Dogs Shy

  Cheetahs may be the swiftest animal on Earth, but they are also extremely sensitive animals.     They become so stressed out that they are unable to interact socially and become too anxious to reproduce.   They require assistance since they are in danger of being extinct.   As cheetahs require some assistance, zookeepers […]

Man Uses His Drone To Find 1,400 Lost Dogs

Man Drone Lost Dogs

  A man found almost 1,400 lost dogs and brought them back to their owners using a drone.     Woodborough, Nottinghamshire resident Phil James runs  the dog search and rescue organization called Drone to Home.   Pudding the cockerpoo, who had been missing for six days, was reunited with her owner Kim Platts in one of […]