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Psychologists Reveal Dogs Dream About Their Humans

In your dog’s dream world, you’re the star of the show 🌙🐶💤



We’ve all observed our canine companions’ noses twitching, legs moving as if in a run, and heard their muffled barks during their slumber. After a day filled with beach or countryside adventures and exploring the backyard, it’s easy to imagine what could be the subject of their dreams.

However, what you might not have realized is that, according to recent research conducted by psychologists at Harvard, your dog is likely dreaming about you – their beloved human, the most significant presence in their life.

Dr. Deirdre Barrett, a clinical and evolutionary psychologist from Harvard Medical School, delved into extensive research on sleep behavior and came to the conclusion that it’s quite reasonable to assume that dogs dream much like we do. Their dreams revolve around everyday experiences, and just like with humans, these dreams can often appear more imaginative and slightly peculiar compared to actual events. Experts therefore speculate that dogs dream in a non-sequential, more visual manner, focusing on what captivates them and the things they have strong emotional attachments to.

As Dr. Barrett elaborates, “Since dogs are typically very attached to their human owners, it’s likely that your dog is dreaming about your face, your scent, and actions that please or annoy you.”

The similar sleep patterns of humans and dogs are further confirmed by the existence of various sleep stages.