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Landfill-Adopted Puppies Reunited After 2 Months

After being abandoned in a landfill near Wasteserv in February, three puppies were rescued by the MSPCA and have now been successfully rehomed as of early this month.


Despite a police report filed for justice, the original owner of the dogs has yet to be fined or charged in court.


Bruno, Priscilla, and Benji were joyfully reunited earlier this week, and their heartwarming reunion was captured on video.



The trio recognized and missed each other, spending nearly two hours playing and running around together. Bruno’s new owner, Georgia Blue, shared adorable clips of their reunion, expressing her happiness.


The heartwarming reunion of these abandoned puppies has sparked a national call for stricter enforcement against animal abandonment and cruelty.

Credits to @georgiabmilne for the video