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Animal Welfare Takes In Dogs From Msida Attack

Confirmed reports state that Animal Welfare officers have taken custody of the dogs involved in the attack that occurred on Monday, along with other dogs found at Andre Galea’s residence in Msida.



A total of eight dogs were retrieved from the house where Galea, a breeder, was chased out in the middle of the night after being attacked by two of his pit bulls.

Multiple witnesses have alleged that the dogs were not being properly cared for, with reports of them being unfed and left on the roof of the house. There have also been speculations that the dogs may have been used for dogfighting in the past.


Galea had to seek refuge on top of his own car after being mauled by his dogs, resulting in him being left in a pool of blood until emergency services arrived.

The fate of the dogs remains unclear, as questions sent to the Animal Welfare Directorate have not been answered yet.


Furthermore, Galea is currently under investigation and is facing charges of involuntary homicide in relation to his grandmother’s death caused by his dogs three years ago.

Neighbours in the vicinity have confirmed that Galea was allowed to keep dogs even after the previous fatal incident.