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Did You Know Cheetahs Need Support Dogs Because They’re Shy

Cheetahs Support Dogs Shy


Cheetahs may be the swiftest animal on Earth, but they are also extremely sensitive animals.



They become so stressed out that they are unable to interact socially and become too anxious to reproduce.


How unlikely friendship with dogs is saving endangered cheetahs - CBS News

They require assistance since they are in danger of being extinct.


As cheetahs require some assistance, zookeepers have been giving these animals their own emotional support dogs for many years.


An Emotional Support Dog Is the Only Thing That Chills Out a Cheetah -  Atlas Obscura


“When you pair a cheetah cub with a guide dog, the cat looks to the dog for cues and learns to model their behavior. It’s about getting them to read that calm, happy-go-lucky vibe from the cheetah support dog” – and that helps them be more confident and willing to get it on.” – Janet Rose-Hinostroza, animal training supervisor at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.