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Dogs Give You Their Paw To Ask For More Attention

Dogs handshakes have the most wholesome meaning!


Sarah Wooten, hailing from Pumpkin Pet Insurance, a US-based company, has delved into the depths of pet communication, shedding light on the multifaceted meanings behind a simple canine gesture. She elucidated how a dog’s paw can convey diverse messages, serving as a tool for their communication repertoire. For instance, the act of extending a paw can result in various interpretations, with associations forming around treats if the dog receives one in response to the gesture, thereby encouraging its repetition.

More often than not, when a dog extends its paw, it’s a heartwarming display of affection toward the recipient. Sarah elaborated on the prime motivator for a pet pooch to offer its paw, which primarily stems from the pet owner showering attention upon them. Essentially, this action becomes a means of signaling a desire for the ongoing pampering.

According to Sarah, this scenario represents the primary motivation behind a dog placing its paw on someone.

In her words: ‘If your dog offers a paw while you’re already engaged in petting, scratching, or lavishing physical affection… chances are, you’ll innately grasp that your dog is urging you to persist exactly as you are.

‘This stands as one of the foremost reasons dogs resort to pawing their human companions.’

Furthermore, dogs employ their paws to convey an alternate message associated with the cessation of rubs.

In this context, the paw serves as a cue when the human companion ceases the act of rubbing the dog. Often, when the gentle rub stops, furry companions tend to rest their paw on their human counterparts, signifying their wish for the soothing gesture to continue.