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Dogs Are No Longer Allowed Inside On Gozo Ferry

The fur babies are being left outside despite the heat wave struggle ☹️

Dog owners have expressed their disappointment and disapproval of a new rule that prohibits dogs from being allowed indoors on the Gozo ferry. Many of them took to social media to share their experiences and frustrations.
The video shows one dog out of many who were left panting in the heat. One dog owner shared their past experiences, stating that they had travelled to Gozo with their dog multiple times without any issues. However, they were surprised to encounter “No Dogs” stickers all of a sudden, indicating the change in the ferry’s policy.
Amidst a scorching heatwave, people are now questioning the morality of not allowing dogs to enjoy the comfort of air conditioning indoors. Instead, they are left outdoors, where they may be exposed to the hot weather, prompting concerns about the welfare and well-being of the animals during the ferry journey.
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