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Woman, 108, Says Secret To Long Life Is To Have Dogs Not Kids

A greyhound a day, keeps the doctor away…

A 108-year-old woman attributes her long life to having dogs rather than children.



Ada Daniel was the delighted owner of ‘a lot of greyhounds’ when she was younger, and she quipped that her dogs were the secret ingredient to a long life.





Ada has been a resident of Codnor Park Care facility in Codnor, Derbyshire, since 2015. When her birthday approached, her facility made an appeal for cards to be sent to her, since she had no childrem or grand children.



A carer at the elderly home stated that:

“She never had any children so she doesn’t have any grandchildren so we just wanted to get her as many cards as possible. She quite likes the fact that people know about her because of her age.”