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Endangered Monkey Species Born In UK Zoo

Monkey business unleashed 🐒   Chester Zoo celebrates the arrival of a rare Sulawesi crested macaque monkey, offering hope for species conservation.   The recent birth of this primate holds significant importance, as experts believe it could play a crucial role in protecting the species from extinction. Over the past three decades, the Sulawesi crested […]

Trans Inmate Sues Men’s Prison & Wins $495,000

  Following a discrimination lawsuit against the Minnesota Department of Corrections, a transgender inmate has reached a settlement that includes significant changes in their treatment.   Christina Lusk, a 57-year-old inmate serving time for a felony drug offense, will be transferred to a women’s prison in Shakopee, marking the first instance in Minnesota of an […]

Dog Breaks World Record For Longest Tongue

  Zoey, an adorable mix of Labrador and German Shepherd, has enthusiastically claimed the title for the longest tongue on a living dog 👅🐶.     Hailing from Louisiana, this remarkable pup boasts an astonishing tongue measuring a whopping 5 inches in length, surpassing the height of a typical soda can. According to Zoey’s owners, […]

The World’s Most Disrespectful Pizzas

  Pizza lovers – prepare yourselves for this one!   A pizza company has declared the world’s most disrespectful pizzas out there, and some are… surprising, to say the least.   Check out the full list below:                                     […]

Apple Announces Feature To Help Identify Depression

What do you think of this new feature? 🤔   In an exciting development, Apple has unveiled its upcoming software update that will incorporate mental health features, enabling users to track and record their emotions and moods, while also gaining valuable insights.   The Vice President of Health at Apple expressed their vision, stating, “Our […]

Pizza Eaten By Drake Is Being Sold For €466,000

  Lil Yachty, the popular American rapper, has made an interesting decision to put up for sale a partially eaten slice of pizza that was consumed by none other than the renowned artist known for the hit song ‘Hotline Bling,’ Drake.   During a recent livestream with online betting agency Stake, Yachty and Drake teamed […]

Unhealthy Activities Make Couples Feel Closer

Being a couch potato may increase the health of your relationship! According to a recent study, engaging in unhealthy behaviors with a romantic partner enhances your relationship.       The study, which was published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, focused on couples who smoked, lounged, and ate junk food. Researchers examined […]

Woman, 108, Says Secret To Long Life Is To Have Dogs Not Kids

A greyhound a day, keeps the doctor away… A 108-year-old woman attributes her long life to having dogs rather than children.     Ada Daniel was the delighted owner of ‘a lot of greyhounds’ when she was younger, and she quipped that her dogs were the secret ingredient to a long life.       […]