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Everything You’ll Get At The Barbie Pyjama Party At Eden

Mark your calendars for the BARBIE PYJAMA PARTY 🎀🥳 happening on Sunday, August 27th, at Eden Cinemas!     Skip the morning prep and dive straight into a realm of #Barbie enchantment! ✨ Join us at Eden Cinemas on the 27th of August for the ultimate Barbie Pyjama Party 🎊 Secure your tickets now 🎫 […]

WATCH: Mum Hires Stripper For Daughter’s Barbie Party

Mum Stripper Daughter Barbie Party

  Barbie gone wild!   With Barbie now out in cinemas, a woman shared a funny story about what happened at her Barbie themed fifth birthday party.   @joilia_go0lia posted a video on TikTok to explain exactly what happened.     She said that, as a child, she was absolutely obsessed with Barbie, so her […]

Eden Cinemas Is Hosting A Barbie Pyjama Party

Embrace the Barbie enchantment right from your slumber! ✨     Mark your calendars for Sunday, August 27th, and step into a world of Barbie wonder at Eden Cinemas with the ultimate Barbie PJ Party 🎊   Whether you’ve already delighted in the Barbie Movie or yearn to relive its charm with your pals, this […]

‘Barbie’ & ‘Ken’ More Popular For Baby Names After Movie

Hi Barbie 👋 Hi Ken 👋   The allure of Barbiecore has spread widely in recent months, riding on the wave of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s eagerly awaited movie debut. The Barbie frenzy has now extended its influence to expectant parents, swarming baby name websites in search of these iconic doll-inspired names.   Following […]

Mattel Releasing ‘Weird Barbie’ After Film Success

No need to wreck this Barbie 😅   Mattel has seized the opportunity to leverage the film’s triumph by introducing a novel addition to their lineup: the ‘Weird Barbie’.   Enthusiasts can secure their pre-orders for this unique toy, a peculiar creation perpetually poised in a split position, up until the deadline of August 18. […]

Woman Cancels Date After Man Ditches Pink For Barbie

An amusing incident unfolded when a woman decided to cancel her date after her boyfriend refused to wear pink to the Barbie movie! 😂⁠   Sharing her dilemma on the Reddit forum ‘Am I The A**hole,’ she narrated her request to her boyfriend to go to the cinema both dressed in pink, as a way […]

7 Of Margot Robbie’s Iconic Roles Through The Years

Margot Robbie is known as an incredibly talented and versatile actress. Here are seven of her iconic roles in film throughout the years:   The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) as Naomi   2. Focus (2015) as Jess   3. Suicide Squad (2016) as Harley Quinn   4. I, Tonya (2017) as Tonya Harding   […]

Dad Praised For Dressing Up With Daughter For Barbie

This guys wins the best dad award  ❤👏   Amid the highly anticipated release of the Barbie movie, numerous parents have eagerly lined up with their children to witness the enchanting world of Mattel on the big screen. Lead actress Margot Robbie has emphasized that the film is inclusive and suitable for everyone. One devoted […]

Margot Robbie Wanted To Kiss Ryan Gosling In Barbie

Looks like Barbie didn’t get the chance to party with Ken 😅   Unlike previous adaptations, the new film emphasizes that Ken is interested in Barbie, but she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings.   Before continuing, the following might contain some spoilers if you haven’t yet seen the movie ⚠   ‘Barbie’s’ storyline is heartwarming, as […]

Barbie Makes History By Earning +$115 Million

It been a good week for cinema! 👏   Warner Bros.’ “Barbie” dominated the box office, raking in an impressive $155 million in ticket sales from 4,243 North American theaters. This achievement not only surpassed “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” and all Marvel movies this year, but also secured the title of the biggest opening […]

Extra Show For Barbie Premiere Added At Eden

Due to high demand after the Barbie premier sold out, Eden is adding another screening!     Walk the Pink Carpet and immerse yourself in a world of style and elegance as Barbie makes her grand debut on the silver screen. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable premiere! Get your tickets now at   […]

Our Favourite Looks From The Barbie Premiere

Favourite Looks Barbie Premiere

  From shimmer to bright pink colours – yesterday’s Barbie premiere looks were giving SASS!   Check out some of our favourite looks from the pink carpet:   Ryan Gosling & Margot Robbie     Dua Lipa     Nicki Minaj     Billie Eilish     Shay Mitchell     Dove Cameron     […]

Margot Robbie’s Iconic Barbie Looks

A real life Barbie doll 🤩   Margot Robbie and the rest of the Barbie cast are currently on an extensive promotional tour aimed at immersing us all in the captivating world of Mattel. Going beyond conventional promotional strategies, the actor and her stylist have taken thematic dressing to extraordinary heights for this tour.   […]

Barbie’s Dream House Listed on Airbnb!

Pack your bags and embrace your inner barbie!     Get ready to stay in the iconic world of Barbie like never before. Barbie’s Dream House is now available to rent on Airbnb, offering fans an exclusive opportunity to experience life in the glamorous and plastic world of Barbie.     Let’s take a closer look at […]

Dua Lipa Releasing New Song For Barbie Movie

  The queen is back 🤩     Pop sensation Dua Lipa took to social media to give fans a sneak peek of her highly anticipated new single from the upcoming Barbie movie soundtrack.     In a short video shared online, Lipa recreated a memorable moment from the Barbie trailer, captivating viewers as she […]