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‘Barbie’ & ‘Ken’ More Popular For Baby Names After Movie

Hi Barbie 👋 Hi Ken 👋


The allure of Barbiecore has spread widely in recent months, riding on the wave of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s eagerly awaited movie debut. The Barbie frenzy has now extended its influence to expectant parents, swarming baby name websites in search of these iconic doll-inspired names.


Following its July 21 premiere, the film “Barbie,” featuring Margot and Ryan as Barbie and Ken, ignited a vibrant pink-hued journey and achieved a staggering global box office gross of $1 billion.

Barbie (2023) - IMDb

This trend has now transcended to a new generation, as a prominent baby name website reports an extraordinary surge in searches for the names ‘Barbie’ and ‘Ken’ following the movie’s release.


According to, the searches for both names have surged significantly, with a remarkable ‘300 percent’ increase for Barbie and ‘200 percent’ increase for Ken in the month of July alone.


Would you name your child Barbie or Ken? 👇