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7 Of Margot Robbie’s Iconic Roles Through The Years

Margot Robbie is known as an incredibly talented and versatile actress.

Here are seven of her iconic roles in film throughout the years:


  1. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) as Naomi

Margot Robbie on 'The Wolf of Wall Street' and the Perils of Having Sex On  Top of a Pile of Cash


2. Focus (2015) as Jess

Of Con Men And Dames: How Margot Robbie Gets Robbed In 'Focus' : NPR


3. Suicide Squad (2016) as Harley Quinn

How 'Suicide Squad' Messed Up Harley Quinn – Rolling Stone


4. I, Tonya (2017) as Tonya Harding

I Tonya Teaser Trailer - Here's Your First Look at Margot Robbie as Tonya  Harding


5. Once Upon a Time In Hollywood… (2019) as Sharon Tate

How 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' Honors Sharon Tate's Life and Legacy


6. Babylon (2022) as Nelle

Babylon' and the Case of the Missing Bob Haircut - The New York Times


7. Barbie (2023) as Barbie

Barbie (2023) - IMDb