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WATCH: Mum Hires Stripper For Daughter’s Barbie Party

Mum Stripper Daughter Barbie Party


Barbie gone wild!


With Barbie now out in cinemas, a woman shared a funny story about what happened at her Barbie themed fifth birthday party.


@joilia_go0lia posted a video on TikTok to explain exactly what happened.



She said that, as a child, she was absolutely obsessed with Barbie, so her mother wanted to hire a Barbie impersonator for her birthday party.


However, the woman hired wasn’t exactly what she expected, and was definitely not for children. Apparently, you can hire Barbie-themed strippers and that’s what her mother did by accident.


Luckily, the entertainer played along for the party and obviously did not undress.


Unfortunately, in the end, her mum couldn’t find the photos, but at least it serves as a good story to tell.