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Mattel Releasing ‘Weird Barbie’ After Film Success

No need to wreck this Barbie 😅


Mattel has seized the opportunity to leverage the film’s triumph by introducing a novel addition to their lineup: the ‘Weird Barbie’.


Enthusiasts can secure their pre-orders for this unique toy, a peculiar creation perpetually poised in a split position, up until the deadline of August 18.

You Can Now Buy Kate McKinnon's Weird Barbie Doll from Hit Movie

In the cinematic creation directed by Greta Gerwig, Kate McKinnon takes on the role of an unconventional Barbie. This atypical version of the iconic doll embarks on a transformative expedition alongside the archetypal Stereotypical Barbie, navigating a journey of self-discovery prompted by an existential quandary.


Such is the fervor surrounding this character’s charisma that Mattel has unveiled the availability of the Weird Barbie for acquisition. The company has also divulged images of the novel doll, fashioned after McKinnon’s likeness. With its vibrant, multihued hair, whimsical facial patterns, mismatched attire, and chic snakeskin boots, the doll truly embodies the essence of the portrayal.