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Margot Robbie’s Iconic Barbie Looks

A real life Barbie doll 🤩


Margot Robbie and the rest of the Barbie cast are currently on an extensive promotional tour aimed at immersing us all in the captivating world of Mattel. Going beyond conventional promotional strategies, the actor and her stylist have taken thematic dressing to extraordinary heights for this tour.


Margot has embraced the role of a real-life Barbie doll, donning slip-on mules, miniskirts, and an abundance of pink. Guided by stylist Andrew Mukamal, the team has drawn inspiration from the original Barbie dolls of the 1950s, meticulously curating looks that pay homage to specific versions.

Collaborating with renowned fashion houses, Andrew has skillfully crafted Margot’s dream wardrobe, featuring a mix of vintage Chanel tweed and custom Bottega Veneta pink co-ords. The result is a collection of ensembles that beautifully capture the essence of Barbie and leave a lasting impression.