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Danish Man Has Visited Every Country Without Flying

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Torbjørn ‘Thor’ Pedersen took a bold step in 2013 by leaving behind his job and family to embark on an extraordinary journey.


At the age of 44, he aspired to be the very first person to travel to every corner of our planet without relying on air travel, undertaking a journey he named “Once Upon a Saga.”


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it took him longer to complete his goal as he found himself stuck in Hong Kong for two long years due to the pandemic-induced lockdowns.


Covid-19 puts a freeze on man's plans to visit every country without taking  a flight | CNN

Finally, in July 2023, Thor completed his expedition, returning to Aarhus, Denmark, nearly a decade after his initial departure!


In lieu of air travel, Thor adopted a diverse range of transportation modes, including trains, boats, cars, and even traveling on foot during certain segments of his journey. For the lengthy ocean crossings, he secured passage on container ships.


In total, Thor’s incredible journey included a staggering 37 container ships, 158 train rides, 351 bus journeys, 219 taxi rides, 33 boat trips, and 43 rickshaw rides!