This Is How The Coins In Trevi Fountain Get Collected

Ever wondered how the Trevi fountain gets cleaned?  Thousands of visitors make wishes and toss coins into the Trevi Fountain each day.   Their money is being donated to those in need, “Citadella di Santa Giacinta,” a tiny Cáritas community located a few kilometres outside of Rome takes care of this. It operates thanks to […]

Melbourne Is Officially The Friendliest City In The World

Melbourne has just been ranked as the friendliest city in the world!   The city has created a reputation for itself for having the friendliest residents    The survey included a number of factors when ranking each city, such as resident satisfaction, safety, LGBTQ+ inclusivity, top attractions, and top-rated hotels.   “We looked at data […]

100ml Cap On Liquids To Be Banned For Travelling

100ml liquid airport cap

All travellers rejoice ✈️   According to recent reports, airports around the world plan to eliminate the 100ml liquid limit for hand luggages.   If you’ve traveled outside of your country in the last 15 years or so, you are probably all too familiar with the battle to cram a week’s worth of deodorant, shower gel, and […]

Manchester United’s Wes Brown Does Travel Show In Malta

Manchester United legend Wes Brown visits Malta for 48 hours in his brand-new travel show Throughout the show the ex-Manchester United player tours around Malta doing various activities, from trying local foods to scaling cliffs.   He also visits Gozo and Comino in order to get the full Maltese experience   Watch the trailer below: […]

10 European Destinations To Visit This Autumn

autumn destinations

  Just because Summer is over doesn’t mean travelling is! Experience Autumn the right way as we pick our top 10 European destinations.   The biggest European tourist sites have recently finished their high season; the streets are now quieter and regular life has returned to the streets of Europe’s most picturesque locations.   #1 […]

This Is Your Sign To Visit Rome This Autumn

Stuck on where to travel now that the summer months are behind us? Take it from us: Rome should definitely be top of your list!                                                             […]

Sardinia Offering €15,000 For People To Move There

Who’s up for moving to Sardinia?   Our neighbour Sardinia, the Mediterranean’s second-largest island is offering to pay people €15,000 for them to move to their island home.     This is due to the country’s decreasing population numbers.     One is eligible for this grant if they move to a town with less […]

You Have To Visit Bremen In Germany This Fall

  Summer is slowly slipping through our fingers, so it’s about time you plan a last minute trip to this gorgeous Gothic town!             Bremen in Germany is home to stunning architecture, engulfed in a quiet and rustic environment!             The perfect spot for tourists […]

Women Calls For “Child-Free Flights”

child-free flights

Are child-free flights the way to go? 👀 After enduring a three-hour flight from hell, an American woman has urged airlines to provide child-free flights. Morgan Lee made the statement on TikTok following a particularly terrifying encounter with a child who undoubtedly didn’t like their travel @mooorganic The flight was 3 hours and I listened […]

Sardinia Is Offering £12K For People To Move There

moving to sardinia

Fancy starting over in Sardinia? ✈   The island of Sardinia’s government is providing grants of up to €15,000 (£12,700) to anyone who want to relocate there and start new lives there 😯   The government has set up a staggering £38 million for the project, which it thinks would revitalize its rural communities’ aging […]

9 Best Things To Do When Visiting Croatia

  Whether you want to get lost in the massive cities, or spend your days on beautiful beaches, Croatia has get-away options for everyone!         1. Cycle, hike and swim in Mljet National Park       2. Discover the Plitvice Lakes National Park’s waterfalls           3. Take […]

Top Under-The-Radar Summer Holiday Location


  Looking for your next beautiful touristic hotspot? Albania is the country for you!   People are starting to obsess over this under-the-radar country – and judging by the crystal blue beaches, we can definitely see why.     Albania is situated between Montenegro and Greece overlooking the Adriatic Sea.   Here’s why Albania should […]

World’s First Private Jet Villa Is Now On Airbnb

  We’ve seen interesting Airbnb’s before, but I don’t think any have come close to being as wild as this new destination!             This private jet turned luxury villa boasts gorgeous views, the opportunity to walk over a cliff on a wing of a plane, and an Airbnb trip of […]