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Woman Uses House Deposit To Travel In Van With Her Dog

Woman Deposit Travel Van Dog

  Quitting our jobs to do this!   Alice Bleathman, an Australian dietician, from Tasmania, had launched her own company shortly before the Covid epidemic struck and went entirely online during that time.   Fortunately, this allowed Alice—who had always wanted to travel—to work remotely from any location in the nation.     In order to purchase […]

Danish Man Has Visited Every Country Without Flying

Tag someone who would do this⬇️     Torbjørn ‘Thor’ Pedersen took a bold step in 2013 by leaving behind his job and family to embark on an extraordinary journey.   At the age of 44, he aspired to be the very first person to travel to every corner of our planet without relying on […]

You Will Soon Need To Start Paying €5 To Visit Venice

If you’ve never been to Venice, now’s your time to go before you need to start paying 😬   In recent days, the Venice Local Council approved a measure with a vote of 24 to 12, stipulating that starting from the upcoming spring season, visitors will need to pay an entry fee to access the […]

Millionaire Is Willing To Pay Someone To Travel With Him

Millionaire Pay Travel

  This is your sign to quit your day job and become this millionaire’s assistant.     Matthew Lepre, an Australian entrepreneur, is willing to pay someone to be his personal assistant and travel the world with him.   Due to his business, Lepre spends his time travelling around the world, and as a result […]

You Need To Visit These Tropical Islands In Indonesia

Venture towards a pristine paradise where Mother Nature’s splendour reigns supreme 🌊🦜     Welcome to Raja Ampat, an awe-inspiring islands-regency in West Papua Province, where exceptional wonders await. Explore mesmerizing karst formations and vibrant coral reefs teeming with a vibrant array of marine life. In Raja Ampat, nature’s beauty knows no bounds – it’s […]

81-Yr-Old BFFs Travel The World In 80 Days

81 BFFs Travel World

  Ellie Hamby and Sandy Hazelip have returned to their Texas home, exactly 80 days after leaving for their global tour of all seven continents!     The journey, according to Hamby, was delayed by the pandemic until the 23-year pals reached 81.   She claimed that they spent years planning and had already gone […]

8 Beautiful Places In China That Don’t Feel Real

china travel destinations

  These 8 surreal destinations in China will take your breath away 🤩   These stunning spots feel like they belong in a dream world 🇨🇳                 Have you ever visited China?  

The 7 Best Easter Travel Destinations In Europe

Easter Travel Destinations Europe

  Easter is one of our favorite times to travel – so we decided to create a list of Europe’s top Easter vacation spots.     Check out our personal favorite countries for a fantastic Easter break in the following list:   Copenhagen, Denmark     Bologna, Italy     Malaga, Spain     Berlin, Germany     […]

The 7 Most Beautiful Drives To Do Around Europe

These are some of the most breathtaking views in the world while driving on roads that wind around beautiful hillsides and offer stunning vistas of scenic landscapes.     Here are seven amazing driving roads in Europe.   Clifton Suspension Bridge, London Spanning across the River Avon, the Clifton Suspension Bridge is an iconic landmark […]

7 Of The Most Stunning Places To Swim In Spring

Spring is a great time to visit Europe for swimming as the weather is starting to warm.   Here are some of the best places in Europe to go swimming in spring:   Costa del Sol, Spain   This sunny region of Spain is known for its beautiful beaches and warm weather. With temperatures in […]