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Man Spends Life Savings To Send 33 People To College

Man Life Savings People College

  Dale Schroeder from Iowa put in a lot of work for the same business during a 67-year period.   Despite having no family and a humble upbringing, he got a substantial fortune. It was discovered after his death in 2005 that he had been saving for a very important goal.     He had told his lawyer about his intention before his death and mentioned that he wanted to support children in attending college as he had never been able to do so.   Ultimately, 33 strangers were able to pursue further education thanks to his legacy.     Thanks to Schroeder’s amazing generosity, this group, now known as “Dale’s kids,” went on to become doctors, teachers, therapists, and more.   The only thing Schroeder asked of them was to “pay it forward.” They can’t pay him back, but they can honour his memory by carrying on his legacy of helping others in overcoming obstacles to education related to […]

Woman Uses House Deposit To Travel In Van With Her Dog

Woman Deposit Travel Van Dog

  Quitting our jobs to do this!   Alice Bleathman, an Australian dietician, from Tasmania, had launched her own company shortly before the Covid epidemic struck and went entirely online during that time.   Fortunately, this allowed Alice—who had always wanted to travel—to work remotely from any location in the nation.     In order to purchase […]

Best Localities To Go Trick or Treating In Malta

Localities Trick or Treating Malta

  Halloween is just around the corner!     Since Halloween is increasing in popularity around Malta, this spooky period of time calls for dressing up and candy-giving.   Here are some places you can trick or treat in on Halloween:         More locations: 1. Birgu 2. Swieqi 3. Paola 4. Marsaskala […]

Kylie Under Fire For Over Pricing Copied Clothes

  Apparently Kylie has a different definition of ‘affordable’ 😅     Kylie Jenner made headlines this Tuesday by revealing her latest venture into the fashion industry with an “affordable” clothing line called Khy. However, the initial reactions from both her fans and social media users were far from enthusiastic. The 26-year-old Kardashian star faced […]

Taylor Swift Officially Has A Net Worth Of Over $1 Billion

  She’s in her billionaire era💸     From her spectacular performances during the Eras Tour, to releasing the Eras Tour movie, and re-recording her stolen albums, her billionaire status is well-deserved 👏   Bloomberg Billionaires Index has revealed that Taylor’s net worth is around $1.1 billion, with Swift being one of the few entertainers […]

Jellyfish Extract Can Be Used As Protein Shakes

What do you think of this? 🤔     Story and photo via Times of Malta In an innovative effort to combat the overpopulation of jellyfish in the sea, scientists are exploring a unique approach. Their strategy involves grinding up jellyfish to create an extract with diverse applications in agriculture and pharmaceuticals, ultimately helping to […]

Danish Man Has Visited Every Country Without Flying

Tag someone who would do this⬇️     Torbjørn ‘Thor’ Pedersen took a bold step in 2013 by leaving behind his job and family to embark on an extraordinary journey.   At the age of 44, he aspired to be the very first person to travel to every corner of our planet without relying on […]