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Danish Man Has Visited Every Country Without Flying

Tag someone who would do this⬇️     Torbjørn ‘Thor’ Pedersen took a bold step in 2013 by leaving behind his job and family to embark on an extraordinary journey.   At the age of 44, he aspired to be the very first person to travel to every corner of our planet without relying on […]

The Most Dangerous Airports Around The World

Dangerous Airports World

  Would you trust these airports?     Brace yourself as we explore the world’s riskiest airports which had the most reports on accidents, weather and difficulty to get to   Check out the airports below:   Lukla Airport, Nepal     Wellington International Airport, New Zealand     Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Martin […]

Dad Becomes World’s 1st Single Father Via Surrogacy

Dad World Single Father Surrogacy

  An Australian man has made history by becoming the first single father through surrogacy.     Shaun Resni, 45, welcomed his son Eli Michael into the world in March 2022.   Only altruistic, gestational surrogacy is permitted in Victoria, despite the fact that 100 infants are born to surrogates statewide each year. Additionally, parents […]

The Most Beautiful Libraries Around The World

Most Beautiful Libraries World

  Who would you visit these libraries with?     Check out some of the best and most famous libraries worldwide:   Marienplatz Library, Munich, Germany     Libreria Acqua Alta, Venice, Italy     Tianjin Binhai Library, China     Starfield Library, Seoul, South Korea     Real Gabinete Português de Leitura, Rio de […]

Some Of The World’s Most Unique Lakes

World Unique Lakes

  Diving into the mesmerizing beauty of some of the world’s most unique lakes!     From pink colours to deadly waters, these lakes never cease to amaze.   Check out some of the most unique lakes worldwide:   Lake Hillier, Australia     Jellyfish Lake, Palau     Exploding Lakes, Democratic Republic of the […]

21 Y/O Peanut Wins World Record As Oldest Chicken

21 Peanut World Record Oldest Chicken

  The oldest living chicken in the world called Peanut has secured the record.     Peanut from Michigan, USA was discovered by Marsi after she departed from her mother. Marsi, who assumed it had already died and picked it up to put into her pond heard it cheep and they connected right away.   […]

The World’s Most Original Headquarters Ever Built

World Original Headquarters

  From headquarters to landmarks!     These creative companies built some of the most original and stunning headquarters in the world.   Check out the world’s most original HQs ever built:   Ferrari     Apple     Amazon     McLaren     Mercedes Benz     BMW    

The World’s Weirdest Looking Dogs To Ever Exist

World Weirdest Dogs

  These dogs’ imperfections make them even more special and unique!     The annual World’s Ugliest Dog Contest is a competition intended to show that all dogs are beautiful and deserve to be in the spotlight.   Here are some of our favourite winners over the years:   Elwood (2005-2013)     Peanut (2014-Present) […]

Our Favourite Celebrity BFFs On World Day Of Friendship

Celebrity BFF World Friendship

  Celebrating the World Day Of Friendship, we gathered a list of celebrity best friends who have stuck by each other side’s through thick and thin!     Check out our favourites:   Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift     Sydney Sweeney & Maude Apatow     Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston & Lisa Kudrow   […]

The World’s Biggest Cave Has An Underground Lake

World Cave Lake

  Son Doong is considered to be the world’s biggest cave.     The largest underground passage in the world is found inside this remarkable cave, which also contains an impressive ecosystem.   The underground river carved out this vast and complex network of caves, which were then filled with rock formations from the water […]

The World’s Most Popular Landmarks As Inflatables

World Popular Landmarks Inflatables

  The most famous historical wonders of the globe have been developed by well-known AI artist Joann (@joooo.ann) as inflatable structures.     The Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Taj Mahal in India, the Great Pyramids in Egypt, the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Florence, the Moai rock heads in […]

The Top 5 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World

Beautiful Beaches World

  We all have one thing on our minds when summer holidays are just a few weeks away – the beach.     We chose to compile the top 5 beaches after Big 7 Travel published their annual list of the “50 Best Beaches in the World”.   Therefore, if you’re searching for beautiful beaches around the […]

5 Most Colourful Places To Visit Around The World

Colourful Places Visit World

  A different city for every colour!     If you’re looking for some aesthetic places to visit this year, check out these beautiful and colourful cities.   Check them out here:   Banwol Island, South Korea     Izamal, Mexico     Chefchaouen, Morocco     Vejer de la Frontera, Spain     Jaipur, […]

This Is Officially Called The ‘World’s Loneliest House’

World Loneliest House

  Would you live in this house?     This house is on the island of Elliðaey to the south of the Icelandic mainland, and since the original photographs went viral, a lot of weird rumours have been made about it.   The cabin was constructed in 1953 as a lodge by a group of […]

81-Yr-Old BFFs Travel The World In 80 Days

81 BFFs Travel World

  Ellie Hamby and Sandy Hazelip have returned to their Texas home, exactly 80 days after leaving for their global tour of all seven continents!     The journey, according to Hamby, was delayed by the pandemic until the 23-year pals reached 81.   She claimed that they spent years planning and had already gone […]