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Did You Know Cheetahs Need Support Dogs Because They’re Shy

Cheetahs Support Dogs Shy

  Cheetahs may be the swiftest animal on Earth, but they are also extremely sensitive animals.     They become so stressed out that they are unable to interact socially and become too anxious to reproduce.   They require assistance since they are in danger of being extinct.   As cheetahs require some assistance, zookeepers […]

The 7 Most Beautiful Drives To Do Around Europe

These are some of the most breathtaking views in the world while driving on roads that wind around beautiful hillsides and offer stunning vistas of scenic landscapes.     Here are seven amazing driving roads in Europe.   Clifton Suspension Bridge, London Spanning across the River Avon, the Clifton Suspension Bridge is an iconic landmark […]

18 Female Guards Fired For Having Sex With Prisoners

Female Guards Fired Affairs Inmates

  18 female prison guards were sacked for either having “illicit affairs” or crossing relationship boundaries with inmates.     Due to their illicit interactions with convicts at HMP Berwyn in Wrexham, Wales, three of the ladies ended up in court.     Jennifer Gavan, 27, Ayshea Gunn, 27, and Emily Watson, 27, are among […]

PE Teacher Finally Gets Degree At 101 Years Old

PE Teacher Degree 101

  At the age of 101, a PE instructor whose classes were disrupted by missiles during the Second World War has earned her degree.     Before earning her diploma in 1942, Madge Brown took a year off to work as a nurse as Britain fought the Nazis in World War Two.   Yet, the […]

Red Flags In Friendships You Should Look Out For

Not all friendships are positive and beneficial.   In fact, certain friends can be extremely harmful, and identifying the red flags can be overlooked.   Here are some tips for you to look out for yourself in your friendships. 1. They don’t match your energy   2. They don’t respect your boundaries 3. You feel […]

Iconic Snacks That Were A Huge Part Of Our Childhood

Iconic Snacks Childhood

  Our childhood wouldn’t have been the same without these iconic snacks!     Check out our list of  favourite snacks here:   The laughing cow cheese snack     The cigarette candy sticks     Monte yogurts     Babybel cheese     Milk flavour straws     Chocolate sponge cakes     Cheese […]

11-Year-Old Girl Making $132k Per Month Retiring To Focus On School

11 Girl Retiring School

  Pixie Curtis, 11, who earns up to $132,000 per month, is “semi-retiring” to concentrate on her studies.     After building a multi-million dollar empire Pixie’s Pix, an online store that sells a variety of accessories, the Australian schoolgirl has seen financial success.   Although the 11-year-old really took off during the pandemic, she […]

Photographer Goes Viral With His Creative Photos

Photographer Viral Creative Photos

  Hugo Suíssas is a skilled photographer who is well-known for his breathtaking images of nature and the outdoors.     He lives in Lisbon and is a talented photographer who has a strong appreciation for the beauty of the natural environment.     Hugo’s images stand out for their remarkable arrangements and vivid hues. He […]

7 Of The Most Stunning Places To Swim In Spring

Spring is a great time to visit Europe for swimming as the weather is starting to warm.   Here are some of the best places in Europe to go swimming in spring:   Costa del Sol, Spain   This sunny region of Spain is known for its beautiful beaches and warm weather. With temperatures in […]

All 3 Concert Movies Showing At Eden Cinemas

eden cinemas

Music lovers in Malta are in for a treat as three highly anticipated concert movies are set to hit the screens at the Eden Cinemas.   These films provide an opportunity for music enthusiasts to experience their favourite artists’ performances in a cinematic setting, complete with high-quality sound and visuals.   Louis Tomlinson: All of […]

89.7 Bay Is Official Partners with the Gozo Half Marathon!

  Take a spin on your usual Gozo day 😎   The Gozo Half Marathon is happening on April 30th, 2023, in Xagħra, Gozo, and 89.7 Bay is going to be official partners with the event! The event offers different race options like the Half Marathon, 10K, 5K, Walkathons, Family Runs, and Kids Races, so […]

One Direction’s Louis and Liam Reunite

Anyone else feeling nostalgic? Louis Tomlinson, a former member of the popular boy band One Direction, recently had a heartwarming reunion with his former bandmate Liam Payne!   The reunion took place at the premiere of Tomlinson’s new documentary, All of Those Voices, which was held in London on March 16th.   Although the duo […]

Jenna Ortega Rejected Role As Wednesday Many Times

During an interview with The Times about her Hollywood experience, the 20-year-old Jenna Ortega confessed to rejecting the role that later became her claim to fame.   When asked if she pursued the role, Ortega responded in the negative, citing her exhaustion with TV work and her desire to focus on film.   Ortega also […]

Riots Erupt In France After Increase In Retirement Age

The French are showing some resistance! 🇫🇷 Furious rioting erupted in France after Emmanuel Macron imposed a retirement age increase.   Police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse demonstrators who set fires and threatened the president’s mansion. Macron caused fury on Thursday by using an emergency presidential decree to raise the retirement age […]

Billie Eilish Officially Starts Acting In New Thriller Series

Billie Eilish launches her acting career with her debut in ‘Swarm’.   ‘Swarm’ is a brand new thriller TV show that will be showing on Amazon Prime. The main character of the show is obsessed with a fictitious pop star, who’s fanbase is known as ‘swarm’ – which is alluded to by the buzzing noise […]

Mother Caught Trying To Sell Her Child For An iPhone

An Australian mother from Queensland told a court in Australia that she wanted to swap her unborn child for an iPhone.   Not only that, but 10 days later, her two-year-old daughter and her twin 18-month-old children were found dead. Conley, a self-admitted methamphetamine addict, left her two girls in a hot car alone for more […]