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Billie Eilish Officially Starts Acting In New Thriller Series

Billie Eilish launches her acting career with her debut in ‘Swarm’.

‘Swarm’ is a brand new thriller TV show that will be showing on Amazon Prime.
The main character of the show is obsessed with a fictitious pop star, who’s fanbase is known as ‘swarm’ – which is alluded to by the buzzing noise present throughout the trailer.


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‘It would only have to be the right thing because I’m not an actor and I’m not… It’s not my calling, but I’ve always loved acting,’ said Billie to The Hollywood Reporter. She continued: ‘I loved acting as a kid. I would have to really, really feel a connection and have a moment of just, I don’t know, love for it.’

Are you excited to see Billie Eilish in this role?