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Mother Caught Trying To Sell Her Child For An iPhone

An Australian mother from Queensland told a court in Australia that she wanted to swap her unborn child for an iPhone.

Not only that, but 10 days later, her two-year-old daughter and her twin 18-month-old children were found dead.
Conley, a self-admitted methamphetamine addict, left her two girls in a hot car alone for more than nine hours, from 4 am to 1 pm, in the oppressive Queensland heat,  with temperatures soaring past 61.5 degrees celsius. 

She accepted responsibility for the deaths of her two daughters and was given a nine-year prison term.

“Your first grossly negligent conduct was in deciding to leave your vulnerable children uncared for, unheard and unobserved in the dark,” Supreme Court Justice Peter Applegarth said, as per the New Zealand Herald.

“One can only hope these little girls slowly succumbed to the growing heat of the day much earlier that morning and faded into a deep sleep from which they never returned.”