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You Will Soon Need To Start Paying €5 To Visit Venice

If you’ve never been to Venice, now’s your time to go before you need to start paying 😬


In recent days, the Venice Local Council approved a measure with a vote of 24 to 12, stipulating that starting from the upcoming spring season, visitors will need to pay an entry fee to access the city.


Reports indicate that a digital ticketing system, set to launch in the coming weeks, will facilitate ticket purchases, with each ticket priced at €5. The decision has been attributed to the aim of preventing overcrowding of tourists in Venice during peak times.


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When a ticket is purchased, the system will generate a QR code, which visitors must present upon request during inspections. Failure to provide the code will result in a €50 fine.


Certain categories of visitors, such as residents, workers, students studying in Venice, and hotel guests, will be exempt from purchasing a daily ticket.