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Couple Recreates Wedding For Grandma At Senior Home

Couple Wedding Grandma

  This story made our day!   After their romantic honeymoon, these newlyweds decided to tie the knot once more for the sake of someone very special – their beloved grandma, who resides in a senior home.     The reason behind this extraordinary decision was the health condition of their grandma, who was battling […]

Dog Goes Viral After Taking Selfies Around The Farm

Dog Viral Selfies Farm

  This farm dog called Preguntale has been going viral after mastering the selfie and going round the farm taking photos with other animals.     Pregunatale is a rescue dog that lives in Argentina with his owner Diego Martin Cuadro.   Cuadro came across Preguntale by chance back in 2016 in a field.   […]

7 Places To Check Out On Your Next Trip To The UK

Places Trip UK

  Packing our bags for the UK!     From historic landmarks to picturesque countryside, these 7 places are a must-see on your next trip to the United Kingdom.   Seven Sisters Cliff     Milldale Peak District     The Cotswolds     Castle Combe     Isle Of Skye     Snowdonia National […]

The Biggest Dating Icks For Men And Women

Dating Icks Men Women

  From chewing loudly to horrible reverse parking, we all have our dating icks – so let’s dive into some of the most popular ones for men and women.   Check out the icks below:   Icks about men: Wears a backpack in the bar on a Friday night Tries to start a conga line […]

Woman’s Secret To Happy Marriage Is Dating Other People

Woman Secret Happy Marriage

  Dr Lori Beth Bisbey shared her secret to a long and happy marriage to her husband.     Herself and her husband have been together for 14 years and married for around 9. Her big secret to their successful marriage is being allowed to date other people.   She explains that since she’s a […]

Wife Says Women Must Stay Home To Care For Husband

A self-proclaimed ‘traditional wife,’ who once aspired to a thriving medical career, has ignited a debate with her perspectives on matrimony.   Linda Andrade has garnered attention and stirred discussions among her followers by revealing that she has ‘never been responsible for a single bill’ as her husband Ricky solely manages their finances.   Characterizing […]

Eeetwell Donating All Sales Between Today & Tomorrow

Well done for the initiative ❤   In light of the tragic flood in Libya and earthquake in Morocco, eeetwell stands in unwavering solidarity with the affected communities, extending our deepest condolences to those who have endured the loss of loved ones and homes. Our thoughts and prayers are with the survivors as they embark […]

Woman Breaks Record For World’s Longest Mullet

The real life Rapunzel 😅   A Tennessee resident has achieved a remarkable feat by securing the Guinness World Record for sporting the world’s longest mullet, measuring an astounding 172cm (5.6 feet) in length, nearly equivalent to the average height of an adult male.   Tami Manis, hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee, embarked on her journey […]

Kylie Jenner’s Lockscreen Already Featuring Timothée

Things are getting serious 👀   Based on this timeline, it appears that Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet are deepening their connection.   During Prada’s Milan Fashion Week show, Jenner was photographed holding her phone. Among the numerous paparazzi shots, her lock screen briefly appeared, revealing a sweet and intimate selfie of the couple.   […]

You Will Soon Need To Start Paying €5 To Visit Venice

If you’ve never been to Venice, now’s your time to go before you need to start paying 😬   In recent days, the Venice Local Council approved a measure with a vote of 24 to 12, stipulating that starting from the upcoming spring season, visitors will need to pay an entry fee to access the […]