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UK Approves First Ever ‘Female Only’ Apartments

A pioneering project for a women’s-only residential tower has gained approval from urban planners. The development, featuring 102 flats intended for single women, is set to be constructed in west London. The housing association responsible was established in 1920 as part of the suffragette movement.


With a focus on women’s needs, each residence will include a spacious balcony and tailor-made design elements. Specific accommodations could range from slightly lower kitchen countertops to improved ventilation, catering to the comfort of menopausal women. Women’s Pioneer Housing (WPH), the landlord, is behind these thoughtful plans.

Artist's impression of the women's-only tower in Ealing

The 15-story tower, located in Ealing, will provide affordable housing options for women facing housing market inequalities, abuse, and other disadvantages. The tenants will likely encompass survivors of domestic abuse and women from black and minority ethnic backgrounds, who often experience significant pay gaps affecting their housing affordability.