Prince Harry Not Invited To His Father’s Coronation

Another day, another Royal Family drama 👑   Senior family members are afraid that what they say may “turn up in paperback,” therefore they have decided that Prince Harry won’t be allowed to attend King Charles’ coronation.   By disclosing private talks in his memoir, Spare, and in TV interviews this week, the 38-year-old Duke […]

London Named As The Best City Of 2023

best city london

London has been placed at the top of the rankings for the seventh year in a row 🇬🇧   The English capital received the crown in part because of its cuisine and populace, as well as its opulent homes and business prospects   London has a rich and diverse culture, with a wide range of […]

The London Eye Could Be Gone By 2028

London would never be the same!   The London Eye also know as ‘The Millennium Wheel’ has been opened since December 31, 1999.   It was originally planned to only have a 5 year lease, this was extended and it’s current one runs out until the year 2028. Discussions are ongoing between the owners of […]

Rishi Sunak To Become UK’s New Prime Minister

rishi sunak

  Rishi Sunak has been elected Conservative leader and will become Prime Minister after Penny Mordaunt, like Boris Johnson, stepped down from the race just minutes before the party was set to announce how many MPs supported each candidate.     Two minutes before the nomination process closed at 2 p.m., Mordaunt tweeted that she […]

Boris Johnson Drops Out Of UK Prime Minister Race

boris johnson

By withdrawing from the race, Johnson has cleared the way for Rishi Sunak, his former chancellor of Britain’s treasury.     Boris Johnson dropped out of the race to succeed Liz Truss as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on Sunday evening, effectively ending his improbable bid to reclaim a job he lost three months […]

Boris Johnson Is Considering Running For PM

Boris Johnson is considering running for UK Prime Minister again after the dramatic resignation of Liz Truss.   Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson who resigned earlier this year due to various scandals that occurred under his watch is considering running again due to the dramatic resignation of Liz Truss close allies have confirmed. One ally […]

According To A Recent Study 14% Of People Masturbate During Work Hours

According to a recent study in the UK, a staggering 14% of people have been found to have masturbated during work hours.   Working from home has several benefits, like sleeping in, not having to commute, and, as this study found; some self-pleasure.    In a survey by Chemist4U, which polled 2,000 people, 14% of […]

WATCH: Fire Ball Travelling Through Sky In UK Caught On Video

fireball sky uk video

  This fireball was recently caught on video travelling through the sky at around 10pm BST, with more than 800 people reporting it to UK Meteor Network.     According to UK Meteor Network, the fireball was heading north above the coast between Scotland and Northern Ireland.   They also assume that the fireball object […]

Operation Unicorn: What’s Next For The UK?

Operation Unicorn UK

  Queen Elizabeth II was the longest reigning monarch who ascended to the throne in 1952 and reigned for 70 years. After Queen Elizabeth II’s passing and Operation Unicorn’s commencement, here’s what’s about to happen next for the UK:     Prince Charles now becomes King Charles III, whilst Camilla becomes the Queen Consort. Leaders […]

BREAKING: Queen Elizabeth II Dies Aged 96

Queen Elizabeth has been confirmed to have passed away at Balmoral at the age of 96, on september 8th, 2022.   The Queen is believed to have died after concerns grew about her health.     She was first taken for medical observation at Balmoral earlier in the day. The Royal family made their way […]

Liz Truss Has Been Elected As UK’s New Prime Minister

  Liz Truss has been elected as Britain’s new Prime Minister.   She was elected today after winning the leadership race for the Conservative party.     Truss faced off against former finance minister Rishi Sunak before coming out on top in a vote of Conservative Party members.  

Queen Elizabeth Saves Snoop Dogg From Being Banned From The UK

Snoop Dogg Queen Elizabeth

Just a normal day in Snoop’s life.   Queen Elizabeth gave permission for Snoop Dogg to remain in the UK after he was not welcomed by UK citizens.   Snoop explained the situation during a podcast saying that the Queen herself wanted him to stay in the UK as he was doing nothing wrong.   […]

7 Best Hidden Villages To Visit In The UK

Dunwich, Heath, Greenery

The UK’s best under-the-radar beauty spots in which to escape the stay-cation crowds have been revealed!     As the summer heat does its job, the UK’s most famous beaches and villages become a magnet for Brits and tourists escaping their busy lifestyles over the holidays.    However, if you’re looking for more off-the-radar places […]

10 Puppies Rescued From Vans During Heatwave

puppies rescued

  Up to ten dogs and puppies were found ‘half dead’ being left in vans on the hottest day on record.   On Tuesday, July 19, the dogs were travelling from France to the UK while the UK experienced 40°C weather.     The shipment’s transportation provider apologized for the event and admitted that it […]

‘Middle-Aged’ Love Island Set To Launch In 2023

love island

  Love Island may be known for its young and attractive contestants, but now they’re even going to launch a show dedicated to middle-aged people looking for love.   This new show will feature single parents in their 40s and 50s who are set up by their own kids to look for love.     […]