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Lizzo Intends To Sue Dancers Who Are Taking Her TO Court

Lizzo is planning to counter-sue the backup dancers who are currently pursuing legal action against her.     Recent photos seem to depict her accusers enjoying themselves backstage after a risqué performance in Paris, about a month after the well-known banana incident in Amsterdam.   According to Lizzo’s attorney, Marty Singer, the newly emerged photos […]

LEGO To Make Braille-Coded Bricks For Visual Impairments

Lego, the Danish toymaker, is launching braille-coded bricks to aid blind and partially sighted kids in learning the tactile alphabet.   These unique bricks, developed in collaboration with global blind organizations, have been given to select schools and services for vision-impaired children since 2020.   Starting next month, these braille bricks will be available for […]

1 In 5 Adults Admit They Cheated On Their Partner

Cheating is a phenomenon that captivates and repels our culture… Within relationships, it stands as one of the most condemned transgressions, often spelling doom for a couple’s future. A YouGov study conducted in 2015 unveiled that one out of five British adults had engaged in an affair before. Interestingly, the rates of infidelity were quite […]

UK Approves First Ever ‘Female Only’ Apartments

A pioneering project for a women’s-only residential tower has gained approval from urban planners. The development, featuring 102 flats intended for single women, is set to be constructed in west London. The housing association responsible was established in 1920 as part of the suffragette movement.   With a focus on women’s needs, each residence will […]

Scientists Say Aliens Might Contact The Earth Today

Scientists suggest that today might finally bring the long-awaited confirmation of extra-terrestrial life! The origin of this quest dates back four decades when Japanese astronomers Masaki Morimoto and Hisashi Hirabayashi utilized a telescope from Stanford University. Their objective was to transmit a signal to Altair, a star located 16.7 light years away. In what they […]