WATCH: Volunteers Rescue Dog Who Got Stuck In Cave

Volunteers Rescue Dog Stuck Cave

  Jax the staffy was rescued by volunteers from a cave.     The dog was trapped in a cave in New South Wales called Central Coast cave for two days.   Although his owners thought they would never see him again, a team of volunteers got together to pull him out of the cave. […]

Pilot Adopts Abandoned Puppy At Airport

pilot adopts dog

How can you resist those floppy ears 🤩   After being taken to the San Francisco airport by a passenger from Asia who abandoned the animal when they were told they had the wrong documents, a United Airlines captain has adopted the cute puppy.   He was just 12 weeks old when his unknown owner […]

Owners Offering €1000 to find their missing dog, Max

  Help them find their dog this Christmas 🥺💔     Distraught pet owners posted a plea to their social media to find their dog, Max, which has been missing for a few days now.   “The only thing we wish for this Christmas is for Max to return home,” they wrote in a Facebook […]

Man Who Shot Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Jailed For 21 Yrs

Shot Lady Gaga Dog Walker Jailed

  The man who shot Lady Gaga’s dog walker has been sentenced to 21 years in prison.     The shooting happened back in February 2021 when Gaga’s dog walker Ryan Fischer was walking her 3 French bulldogs and James Howard Jackson shot him in the chest.   After the shooting, Jackson and 4 others […]

Dog Finds New Family After Owners Die In Mudslides

This dog named; Yuky is the only survivor of his family. He could not find his way back home due to the landslides. Yuky managed to find shelter in a car until rescue teams stumbled onto him and rescued him. He was recovered with great care as naturally due to how hectic the situation was […]

Puppy Abandoned In The Woods Waits To Be Found

  Meet Hank. This 8 month old puppy was abandoned by the side of a road and waited for someone to save him.         Hank was found by passers-by sitting in an old dog bed, surrounded by his toys. He had a sealed bag of dog food that he can’t open near […]

WATCH: Maltese Monkey And Dog Best Friends Go Viral

Maltese Monkey Dog Best Friends Viral

  How cute is this?     The video posted by Joseph Camilleri on TikTok is currently going viral.   In the video, the cute baby monkey and bulldog appear playing together on the sofa. These pet animals are being raised by Joseph and people can’t get enough of their adorable friendship   Watch video […]

Cute Pup Greets People With Pats & Cuddles

Cute pup

Tubs the Blue Staffy is the daily mood booster we all need! Tubs the cute bull terrier is now greeting the neighbourhood with free pats and cuddles.     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Tubs full of Love💗 (@tubsthebluestaffy)   Watch video here:   View this post on Instagram   […]

Almost Half Of Pet Owners Unaware Of Dog Sunburn

While you’re putting sunscreen on you own skin, your pet could use some too!     In a study of almost 2,000 dog owners, it was revealed that 46% were unaware that their furry friend requires sun protection. Another 55% were not aware that a dog’s skin may be just as badly damaged by a […]

WATCH: Deaf Dog Watching Fireworks Goes Viral

Deaf dog enjoying watching a fireworks display.     This video showing a dog enjoying a blissful experience watching fireworks without fear of the noise.  This is a rather uncommon sight as due to the loud noises coming from the fireworks dogs tend to be scared, and never get to sit and actually watch the […]

Dog & Owner Spend 7 Years Walking Around The World

  Very few people attempt to walk around the entire world, and even fewer succeed in completing the journey.   Tom Turcich, a New Jersey resident, was the 10th person to accomplish this astounding achievement on May 21, 2022. His four-legged companion, Savannah, claims the first dog to finish this challenge!     The pair […]

Police Save Dog Trapped In Abandoned Ditch

dog police

  Jacqueline Backman expressed her gratitude after The Malta Police Forced saved her dog Delilah!   The incident happened after Jacqueline removed her dog’s leash during their usual morning walk.     Delilah was then frightened by a ‘bomba’ at around 8.00am and ran away from her owner until she eventually got trapped in an […]

Blind Rescue Dog Finds His New Human ‘Guide’

  Meet Tiny Tim, an 11-year-old blind dog who found his very own human to help him navigate around the world!     When his elderly owner realized she couldn’t take care of him anymore, she took the difficult decision to give him to someone who could.     The small Westie had a number […]

400 Dogs Rescued From Chinese Dog Meat Festival

dog meat

  NoToDogMeat announced that they rescued hundreds of stolen pets from being killed and eaten.     The animals were being delivered by truck to the Yulin dog meat festival, where thousands of cats and dogs are annually butchered for their meat.       View this post on Instagram   A post shared by […]

WATCH: Dog Escapes Daycare And Goes Back Home

Dog daycare

  Watch how a dog managed to escape from doggy daycare and go back home!   When they got a Ring camera alert that someone was at their door, Jeremy and Sarah Hensen were away on vacation in Las Vegas.   That someone at the door happened to be their dog Dexter, who was supposed to spend […]

WATCH: Chris Evans Talks About Adopting His Senior Dog


  Chris Evans opened up about how he rescued his senior dog ‘Dodger’.     This happened during an interview he had with BuzzFeed Celeb where he played with puppies as he answered some questions about himself and his career.     He said: “Dodger was a full-grown dog. It wasn’t the story I had […]