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Granny Fights Off Dog To Protect Her 2 Grandchildren

Granny Dog Grandchildren


A brave grandmother was attacked after battling a dog to defend her two small grandkids.



According to Rhonda Stickney, the neighbor’s dog leapt at her granddaughter and great-grandchildren in her home’s doorway and she didn’t hesitate to get in between them.


Hero gran viciously mauled as she wrestled pit bull with bare hands to save  grandkids - Daily Star

Rhonda’s experience quickly changed when the dog dragged her outdoors by the leg and began biting her face and arms, leaving her dripping with blood.


She had to drive herself to the hospital while still covered in blood from her injuries.


Rhonda the scars she sustained may be permanent. Credit: Kennedy News and Media

“I didn’t think twice about getting in front of them. It grabbed hold of my leg, knocked me down and dragged me out. It was so scary.”