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Dog Sets Record For Holding 6 Tennis Balls In His Mouth

Dog Record Tennis Mouth

  Finley, the golden retriever from New York, has gained fame for his incredible ability to hold six tennis balls in his mouth at once.     He holds the Guinness World Record for “most tennis balls held in the mouth by a dog” thanks to this extraordinary gift.   On February 23, 2020, Finley officially […]

Dog Breaks World Record For Longest Tongue

  Zoey, an adorable mix of Labrador and German Shepherd, has enthusiastically claimed the title for the longest tongue on a living dog 👅🐶.     Hailing from Louisiana, this remarkable pup boasts an astonishing tongue measuring a whopping 5 inches in length, surpassing the height of a typical soda can. According to Zoey’s owners, […]

Service Dog Gets Diploma For Attending All Uni Classes

Dog Diploma Uni Classes

  On Monday, May 22, Justin, a service dog, earned a diploma when his owner graduated from Seton Hall University in New Jersey.     According to the institution, Justin went to all of Grace Mariani’s classes as she pursued a degree in elementary and special education.     Mariani and Justin both made an […]

Hero Saves Struggling Dog Drowning In Icy Waters

Not all hero’s wear capes!   A heartwarming incident of a husky dog being rescued from a partially frozen lake is gaining massive attention online.   The incident took place at Sloan Lake in Colorado, USA, where a compassionate individual fearlessly plunged into the icy waters to reach the stranded dog. By bravely breaking through […]

This Dog Earns Over €1 Mil A Year On Social Media

  Meet Tucker, the extraordinary golden retriever who has become a millionaire sensation, raking in a seven-figure income through sponsored advertisements.     According to Courtney Budzyn, Tucker’s proud owner, a single paid post on YouTube can fetch anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000 for a 30-minute pre-roll. On Instagram, they earn approximately $20,000 for sharing […]

Dog Interrupts Football Game To Play With The Ball

An unexpected visitor caused a disruption during a game.   A Twitter video posted by TNT Sports Chile on May 14 captured the amusing moment when a large brown dog appeared on the pitch. The dog energetically sprinted across the field, changing direction to chase after the ball.   The game came to a pause […]

Injured Dog Rescued After Climbing Up Mountain

Dog Rescued Mountain

  The exhausted Akita dog, ‘Rocky’, was unable to make it down the mountain on his own because of cuts all over his paws.     This was after the dog and his owners were scaling up Scafell Pike.   Therefore, the cute dog needed assistance by mountain rescuers when going down England’s highest mountain. […]

Maltese Dog Swimming In Delimara Gets 2M+ Views

A Spanish tourist took a video of her dog swimming in Delimara Bay and posted it on TikTok, saying it was one of the best moments of her vacation in Malta!   This video has been viewed by over 2.4 million people, even though it has only been posted on this platform for two days. […]

World’s Oldest Dog Bobi Celebrates 31st Birthday

Bobi proves that age is just a number 😎 Guinness World Records has declared a 30-year-old dog from Portugal, Bobi, as the oldest ever, breaking a record that lasted for 100 years.   Bobi is a purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo, a breed with an average life expectancy of 12 to 14 years. The previous oldest […]

Dog Walks 40 Miles Over 27 Days To Return To His Family

Cooper, a Golden Retriever, has gone through a life that seems too dramatic to be true.   After being given to a dog pound by his old family, he was eventually adopted by a new family. However, Cooper could not stop thinking about his old home, and so he bolted from the car during a […]

Cute Dog Takes His Own Selfies For Instagram

Cute Dog Selfies Instagram

  We can’t get over this!     This cute dog has an Instagram account in which he posts his own selfies and documents his life for fans.     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Saint (@selfiesaint)   His account called @selfiesaint has over 5k followers and people are obsessed […]

Detention Services Officers Rescue Pregnant Dog

pregnant dog afm

  Yesterday evening, a pregnant Fox Terrier wandered into the Ħal Safi barracks and was taken care of by Detention Services officers 🐕   Animal rights activist Althea Galea arrived on site and immediately called the Animal Welfare Department for medical assistance. Despite the department’s policy of not collecting dogs that are not chipped or […]

Dog Rescued In Gozo After Being Shot 50 Times

dog shot 50 times

Who would do such a thing to a dog? 😥   Last month, the Animal Welfare Section of the Gozo Ministry rescued a male fox terrier. An x-ray later revealed that the dog had more than 50 shotgun pellets embedded in its body.   Although the dog’s age is unknown due to the inability to […]

Cute Monkey And Dog BFFs Become Inseparable

Cute Monkey Dog BFFs Inseparable

  Suryia the Orangutan and Roscoe the Bluetick have melted all our hearts with their wholesome friendship.     Following their encounter at a sanctuary for threatened and endangered species, the two have grown very close.   “Dogs are usually scared of primates, but they took to each other straight away. We made a few […]