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Man Takes Dying Dog On One Last Adventure

The saddest adventure for this dog dad🥺



Monty, the ten-year-old Labradoodle, always had a passion for exploring the great outdoors, especially hiking up hills and mountains. Which is why Carlos Fresco, Monty’s owner, wanted to take Monty on one last adventure when the dog fell ill🤒

Their numerous trips to the Brecon Beacons, including conquering the three peaks together, highlighted this location as a special place for Monty. But since Monty could no longer walk due to the leukaemia, Carlos used a wheelbarrow to take him up the mountain.

Carlos stated, “I was aware Monty’s time was limited as his cancer had resurfaced. He was initially diagnosed 18 months prior and had a good response to chemotherapy. Sadly, his leukaemia came back eight weeks ago, leading to a swift decline. We adapted and continued enjoying hill walks in the beautiful beacons. Despite his frailty, Monty relished the attention and kindness from everyone.”

Carlos Fresco taking his dying pet dog Monty up his favourite mountain, Pen y Fan in the Brecon Beacons, on one last walk - in a wheelbarrow

Carlos and Monty encountered numerous compassionate individuals during their journey.

“People we met were incredibly supportive and empathetic towards Monty’s worsening condition. Some strangers even offered to help push Monty, and it was a moving experience as we all hold our furry friends close to our hearts,” Carlos reflected.

Unfortunately, Monty passed away a few weeks after.

Carlos fondly remembered, “That little guy made a significant impact on many lives, bringing joy and a reminder that life can be good. Our furry companions provide unconditional support, comfort during tough times, and are never judgmental.”