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7 Of Margot Robbie’s Iconic Roles Through The Years

Margot Robbie is known as an incredibly talented and versatile actress. Here are seven of her iconic roles in film throughout the years:   The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) as Naomi   2. Focus (2015) as Jess   3. Suicide Squad (2016) as Harley Quinn   4. I, Tonya (2017) as Tonya Harding   […]

Margot Robbie Wanted To Kiss Ryan Gosling In Barbie

Looks like Barbie didn’t get the chance to party with Ken 😅   Unlike previous adaptations, the new film emphasizes that Ken is interested in Barbie, but she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings.   Before continuing, the following might contain some spoilers if you haven’t yet seen the movie ⚠   ‘Barbie’s’ storyline is heartwarming, as […]

Margot Robbie’s Iconic Barbie Looks

A real life Barbie doll 🤩   Margot Robbie and the rest of the Barbie cast are currently on an extensive promotional tour aimed at immersing us all in the captivating world of Mattel. Going beyond conventional promotional strategies, the actor and her stylist have taken thematic dressing to extraordinary heights for this tour.   […]