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Cute Sliema Cat Attacked By Vicious Dog Now Looking For A Home

sliema cat attacked

  One of Sliema’s most well-known cats has been brutally attacked and is now in search of a permanent home to retire in.     Cats of Independence Gardens, an online page, shared photos of the injured ginger cat, stating that he was attacked by a chow chow at around 7:35 am yesterday, causing wounds […]

Nas Daily Features Malta’s Order Of Malta Passport

  Once again, Nas Daily has released a new video regarding Malta, this time shedding light on the “rarest passport in the world”.     In the video, he reveals that only 500 people worldwide possess this passport, which is held by The Order of Malta – a group of Catholic humanitarians that has been […]

Caves In Malta & Gozo You Need To Visit At Least Once

  From the marvelous Insta-famous Mixta Cave in Gozo to the prehistoric caves of Ghar Dalam, the caves you can find in the Maltese Islands are many. Here are some of the stunning caves in Malta & Gozo which you should visit at least once!     1. Tal-Mixta Cave in Gozo       […]

Florida Law Allows Death Penalty For Child Rapists

Florida legislature approves death penalty for child sexual abusers 😮   A recent bill endorsed by Florida lawmakers grants the state the authority to impose capital punishment on individuals convicted of sexually abusing minors. This amendment, championed by Governor Ron DeSantis, received bipartisan support and passed with a vote of 34-5 on Tuesday evening, and […]

First Borns Have Higher IQs Than Their Siblings

Study Reveals Mental Advantage for First-Born Children   Research indicates that first-born children tend to outperform their siblings in terms of cognitive abilities, as they receive more mental stimulation from their parents during their early years.   The study also shows that first-borns exhibit higher IQ scores as early as age one, with parents providing […]

Landfill-Adopted Puppies Reunited After 2 Months

After being abandoned in a landfill near Wasteserv in February, three puppies were rescued by the MSPCA and have now been successfully rehomed as of early this month.   Despite a police report filed for justice, the original owner of the dogs has yet to be fined or charged in court.   Bruno, Priscilla, and […]

Youth Scared To Have Kids Because Of Climate Change

A growing number of individuals are hesitant to bring children into a world that is expected to face severe impacts from climate change in the coming decades.   The recent “code red for humanity” warning from the United Nations, as highlighted by the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, stating that global […]

AI Generated Drake & The Weeknd Song Goes Viral

Disclaimer: This song is completely generated by artificial intelligence and uses cloned voices. Can you tell the difference?   A song with AI generated versions of Drake and The Weeknd’s voices has gone viral on social media, sparking concerns about copyright. The song, titled Heart On My Sleeve, depicts the two performers trading lyrics about […]

Twilight TV Series Officially In The Works

twilight tv series

  Fans of the iconic vampire trilogy, brace yourselves! The beloved series, which ended over a decade ago, is being resurrected as a TV show. 🧛‍♂️🎥     Based on the books by Stephanie Meyers, the TV adaptation is currently in the works. While no network or streaming service has been announced as the show’s […]

Cannabis Law In Malta Made Simple

Happy 4/20! 🌿   Malta stands out in Europe as a trailblazer in cannabis legislation, being the first country in the European Union to legalize marijuana. In 2018, Malta took a progressive step by legalizing medical cannabis, and followed up in 2021 with the introduction of a limited recreational cannabis program. Here is our law […]

Haley Bugeja Suffers Concussion During Match

haley bugeja injured

  Haley Bugeja, forward for Orlando Pride and Malta’s national team, suffered a concussion during a friendly match with Estonia ⚽     It is uncertain when she will return to the field, but her team and medical staff are supporting her recovery.     Wishing Haley a speedy recovery 💖    

Malta Ranks As 5th Best Mediterranean Island

In The Telegraph article, Travel writer Gregg Dickinson reveals the best Mediterranean island after crunching data across 28 categories. Out of 10,000 islands, they shortlisted 50 and evaluated them based on History and Culture, Natural Wonders, Weather, and Luxuries. Malta, Gozo, and Comino were considered as one country, known for their rich history, beautiful sights, […]