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Kim K Says She Prefers Getting Intimate In The Dark

Kim Kardashian has acknowledged her preference for dimming the lights during intimate moments in the bedroom.



From familial conflicts and health issues to relationship breakdowns and the journey of pregnancy, the reality TV queen has established her empire by openly sharing the most intimate aspects of her personal life on screen.


She disclosed, “What do those initial dates look like? Behind closed doors, I can’t go out… It can be quite awkward. I find myself saying, ‘Hurry, come inside! Hurry, hurry, so that nobody in the hallway catches sight of you.'”


The prominent media figure further elaborated on how her high-profile celebrity status can occasionally influence her romantic relationships in various ways.


One particular aspect is the duration of her relationships.


Kim remarked, “If you are spotted with someone, then when things aren’t going well, you almost feel compelled to prolong it a bit because you feel embarrassed that it ended so quickly.”