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AI Generator Portrays Global Beauty Standards

Do you think these portray realistic beauty standards?    A series of AI photos have sparked debate online, claiming to depict the ‘perfect’ women in various regions around the world.    The experiment sought to demonstrate how AI would interpret the ideal beauty standard for a variety of countries.   What do you think of […]

The Deadliest Islands To Visit In The World

  It gets worse as you keep on reading…   We’ve compiled a list of islands which are the most dangerous in the world, some of which are even illegal to visit.   Which one of these would you be brave enough to visit?                       […]

Orcas Are Able To Imitate Human Speech

Say hello to an orca, and it might say hello back..     A remarkable collaboration between an international team of researchers and two orcas residing in a French aquarium has unveiled their astounding aptitude for replicating human sounds, including familiar words such as “hello” and “bye-bye,” as well as various sequences like “ah ah.” […]

8 Maltese Village Feasts You Should Visit In June

  Festa season is upon us! So far in June we’ve seen the spectacular feasts of Our Lady of Fatima in Gwardamangia, St. Joseph in Ghaxaq and The Holy Trinity in Marsa.     If you’re looking for ways to spend your weekend, here are some of the Maltese/Gozitan feasts which are happening this month: […]

Must-Try Food Items From Around The World

Be warned: this might make you hungry. Food is a major part of any travel experience, among the many delicious food items you can find all over the world, here are some of our favourites:                                         […]

Dolphins Spotted Off The Coast Of Comino

A beautiful sight 🐬🌊   This morning, an incredible sight unfolded as a lively pod of dolphins gracefully emerged off the captivating coast of Comino, offering a breathtaking spectacle of nature’s wonder. The majestic creatures, with their sleek bodies and playful demeanor, danced amidst the sparkling waves, filling the air with joy and awe.   […]

Dead Ray Found By NGO In Illegal Fishing Nets

Well done to the NGO Żibel for raising awareness!       NGO Żibel utilized social media to raise awareness for World Ocean’s Day 2023, highlighting their significant accomplishment of collecting nearly 100 nets over the span of three years.   “The future of our oceans depends on their health,” emphasized the NGO, shedding light […]

Selena Gomez Hilariously Flirts With Football Players

Who says Selena Gomez’s flirting skills are anything less than perfect?     In a recent Tiktok, Selena hilariously documented her attempts to catch the attention of soccer players, aiming for a major win in her dating life.   From the sidelines, Selena confidently exclaims, “I’m single!” to the oblivious soccer players engrossed in their […]

iOS 17 Will Warn You If Someone Tries To Send You Nudes

If you’ve ever been taken aback by an unexpected and unwelcome image of someone else’s genitals, this Apple update might be music to your ears.       Apple’s new iOS 17 includes a new function that will allow phones to warn you if an explicit image is on its way.         […]

Fitness Influencer Admits To Faking Cancer To Gain Followers

    In a shocking revelation, a fitness influencer who claimed to have late-stage pancreatic cancer acknowledged that she lied about her illness.   The Taiwanese influencer, known as MianBaobao, originally publicized her seemingly devastating pancreatic cancer diagnosis three years ago and had frequently given updates with her 11,000 followers.         According […]

Students Set Off Firecracker Inside School Bus

Investigation launched as St Clare’s Pembroke Secondary School students face consequences   A group of students from St Clare’s Pembroke Secondary School are currently under police investigation for igniting a firecracker inside their school bus.   The video captures the young teenagers, aged approximately between 12 and 16, wearing the school’s distinctive yellow and blue […]

Qantas Drops Makeup/Heel Rule For Women’s Uniform

No makeup or high heels required!     Qantas Airlines has introduced more flexible uniform regulations, specifically for female flight attendants, allowing them to forgo makeup and high heels.   In a significant departure from previous guidelines, Qantas has decided to update its uniform policies, marking the first time in ten years.   Furthermore, male […]

AI Shows What The Perfect Maltese Woman Looks Like

AI perfect maltese woman

The ‘perfect’ Maltese woman revealed 😯   According to a recent research done by Great Green Wall, AI was used to create the perfect woman from each country across the world.   “In terms of Malta’s beauty standards, brunette is definitely preferred, as each model was shown with this hair color,” they reported.   “Despite […]

Kim K Says She Prefers Getting Intimate In The Dark

Kim Kardashian has acknowledged her preference for dimming the lights during intimate moments in the bedroom.     From familial conflicts and health issues to relationship breakdowns and the journey of pregnancy, the reality TV queen has established her empire by openly sharing the most intimate aspects of her personal life on screen.   She […]

Jenna Says Wednesday S2 Will Be A Lot Darker

Wednesday is ‘ditching romance’!     The popular Netflix series’ second season is “going to get bolder, more dark,” according to Wednesday star Jenna Ortega. When asked about her character’s love triangle in season one, Ortega previously said, “Everything that Wednesday does, everything I had to do, did not make sense at all for her […]

The Fanciest Restaurants Around The World, According To Experts

  Looking for a place to impress a date? Here are some of what experts claim are the fanciest restaurants in the world… if you can afford it.   1. Sublimotion in Ibiza, Spain In Spain, you can experience what is often ranked as the most expensive and extravagant restaurant experience in the world, known […]