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Autistic Man Becomes The Youngest Black Professor At Cambridge University

Autistic Man Youngest Black Professor Cambridge University


Jason Arday is a professor at Cambridge with a truly inspirational story.



Before the age of 11, Jason Arday was mute, and until the age of 18, he was unable to read or write.


Now at the age of 37, he has opened up about his struggles with autism and learning disabilities.


He was expected to live in supported living for the remainder of his adult life, but he has suddenly accepted one of the most coveted positions at Cambridge, one of the top institutions in the world.


Jason Arday to become youngest ever black professor at Cambridge | University of Cambridge | The Guardian

He also happens to be the youngest person of colour to do so.



Out of a total of 23,000 university professors in the UK, he will be one of only 155 Black professors, joining the institution’s other five Black academics.