Study Finds Most & Least Attractive Jobs For Men & Women

  According to a new study by Zippia, 25 men and women stated the most attractive jobs they find on the opposite sex.     On the top 3 for the men’s list, they stated that nurses, elementary school teachers and doctors are considered to be attractive for women. On the other hand, women said […]

Man Arrested For Calling His Ex-Wife 300 Times

  The 300 calls were all over 2 weeks only… 😳 Police arrested a 44-year-old man from Mtarfa but he has pled not guilty to the allegations. The claims were that he threatened and harassed his ex-wife after calling her 300 times over 2 weeks.   He tried to call her between 6th and 19th […]

Woman Finds Out She Is Pregnant Hours Before The Baby Is Born

  Nicci Garlic and her husband Kelsie welcomed their first child into the world earlier this month after nearly a decade of trying. However, unlike your usual pregnancy, the mother only found out about the wonderful news, a few hours before she was about to give birth!     Nicci gave birth to the couple’s […]

Fitbit Helps Man Discover He Needed A New Heart

  30-year-old Ryan Gabb discovered he needed a new heart after using his friend’s Fitbit. He had been feeling sick and suffering flu-like symptoms for weeks until he started realising that something more serious was going on.   When he borrowed his friend’s device, he faced a shocking heart rate of over 100 beats per […]

Man Arrested For Attack On Mother & Daughter

A mother and daughter were attacked in Gżira on Monday evening    According to the woman, the stranger yanked her hair off her head, shoved his palm into her mouth, and threw a lighted cigarette in her daughter’s face.   According to Times of Malta, the man is said to be homeless and has been […]

Man Hacks North Korea’s Entire Internet As Revenge

  A hacker claims to have brought down the whole of North Korea’s internet. Apparently, this was served as payback for being spied on by the country.     The American man, known as P4x, was one of several Western security experts allegedly compromised by North Korean agents just over a year ago.   P4x […]

Man Starts ‘Raw Meat Experiment’ To See How Long He Can Survive

  People conduct experiments for all sorts of reasons – some for their benefit, some to improve mankind and some just do it simply because they are bored (and a bit crazy).     A man has begun his curious ‘experiment’ to see how long he can go without eating anything but raw meat…   […]