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Man Spends Life Savings To Send 33 People To College

Man Life Savings People College

  Dale Schroeder from Iowa put in a lot of work for the same business during a 67-year period.   Despite having no family and a humble upbringing, he got a substantial fortune. It was discovered after his death in 2005 that he had been saving for a very important goal.     He had told his lawyer about his intention before his death and mentioned that he wanted to support children in attending college as he had never been able to do so.   Ultimately, 33 strangers were able to pursue further education thanks to his legacy.     Thanks to Schroeder’s amazing generosity, this group, now known as “Dale’s kids,” went on to become doctors, teachers, therapists, and more.   The only thing Schroeder asked of them was to “pay it forward.” They can’t pay him back, but they can honour his memory by carrying on his legacy of helping others in overcoming obstacles to education related to […]

Man And His Emotional Support Alligator Denied Entry At Baseball Game

Man Alligator Baseball

  70-year-old Joie Henney and his emotional support alligator Wally were recently denied entry from a baseball game.     This happened despite being invited to the game by the players themselves. Henney explained the story to The Independent and said that there are no hard feelings about it.     The duo’s friendship came […]

Penguin Swims 8,000Km To Meet Man Who Saved Him

Penguin Swim Man Saved

  What a wholesome friendship!     Dindim, a Magellanic penguin, travels 5,000 miles by sea every year to see Joao Pereira de Souza, the man who saved his life.   In 2011, Joao discovered Dindim drenched in oil and almost dead. He cared for him in his island community outside of Rio de Janeiro and […]

Japanese Man Makes Money For Doing Nothing

Man Money Doing Nothing

  Shoji Morimoto has a job that many of us would be jealous of.     He is actually paid to do nothing. He charges 10,000 yen only to hang out with people and act as their friend.   Sometimes he goes out to dinner, and other times he just uses it to relax and use his phone.   […]

Boy Rescues Drowning Man’s Life After Learning CPR From Stranger Things

Boy Drowning Man CPR Stranger Things

  12-year-old Austen MacMillan saved his behavioural therapist Jason Piquette from drowning after doing CPR.     Turns out that the boy taught himself CPR after watching the popular Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’.   Austen noticed that Jason was underwater for too long, so he jumped in the pool, pulled him to the pool steps […]

Man Finds 82-Foot-Long Dinosaur In His Backyard

Man Dinosaur Backyard

  The greatest discovery in Europe may have been made by a Portuguese guy who found an 82-foot-long dinosaur skeleton in his property.     The sauropod specimen, from between 160 and 100 million years ago, was discovered in Pombal in 2017 during construction. It has ribs that are nearly 10 feet long and is […]

Men Are More Sensitive To Stress Than Women

Study finds a contrast to stereotypical gender belief.. Gender-differentiated stress responses have come under scrutiny in recent research, suggesting that men may bear the brunt of its impact.   This novel study has far-reaching implications, potentially tailoring therapeutic approaches for conditions like depression and obesity. In this investigation, scientists at the Weizmann Institute and the […]

Man Has One Of The World’s Largest Weight Losses

Man Largest Weight Loss

  Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari from Saudi Arabia achieved one of the world’s biggest weight losses ever recorded.     At his heaviest, he weighed 610kg and was unable to leave his bed for three years.   Then, the king of Saudi Arabia himself decided to help this man lose weight. After treatment, his weight […]

Man Travels Across Japan To Propose With GPS Drawing

Man Japan Propose GPS

  Yasushi Takahashi travelled throughout Japan for six months without seeing his girlfriend in order to plan an unforgettable marriage proposal.     Yassan travelled 7,163.7 km while using a GPS, usually on foot but also occasionally by car, ferry, and bicycle.   He downloaded the information into Google Maps when he got home, and […]

Man Lives In An Airplane In The Middle Of The Forest

Man Airplane Forest

  Bruce Campbell lives in an airplane he converted into a home himself in the middle of a forest.     The man converted the plane into a fully functional living space and towed it into a secluded area in a forest in Oregon.     The retired plane features a shower, two toilets and […]

Man Finds Underground City When Chasing His Chickens

Man Underground Chickens

  An abandoned underground Turkish city with 20,000 residents was discovered by a Turkish man following his chickens through a hole in his basement during renovations.     The anonymous man knocked down the wall in the 1960s to disclose a dark tunnel going to the ancient city of Elengubu, now known as Derinkuyu, in an effort […]

Coldplay Pay Man’s Trip To See Them After He Bought The Wrong Ticket

Coldplay Man Ticket

  @fingaldinz bought tickets to a cinema screening of a Coldplay gig instead of the concert tickets by mistake and was extremely unhappy about it.     He explained everything after posting the whole story on Twitter.   Luckily for him, the band noticed and DM’d him on Twitter offering him free tickets, travel and […]

The Average Man Produces 500 Billion Sperm In His Life

The reproductive capabilities of the human male are truly remarkable.     It is estimated that an average human male produces around 500 billion sperm cells throughout his lifetime. What’s even more astonishing is that each of these sperm cells carries a unique set of genetic information.   The process of sperm production, known as […]

Old Man Killed By Flying Cow That Was Hit By Train

Man Cow Train

  Rest in peace!   Shivdayal Sharma, 82, tragically died last week after a fast train struck a herd of cows, sending one of them flying 100 feet before pieces of it fell on him 30 meters away.   According to reports, another person who was nearby as the senior relieved himself, narrowly escaped being struck […]

Man Who Was Dead For 4 Hours Says He Met The Devil

Man Dead Met Devil

  After being stabbed, a guy who had been declared as dead by his doctor claims that he encountered the devil and witnessed hell itself.     A doctor described his interaction with a young man in his early 20s who had been stabbed in the heart.   The victim was taken into surgery by medical staff […]

Man Uses His Drone To Find 1,400 Lost Dogs

Man Drone Lost Dogs

  A man found almost 1,400 lost dogs and brought them back to their owners using a drone.     Woodborough, Nottinghamshire resident Phil James runs  the dog search and rescue organization called Drone to Home.   Pudding the cockerpoo, who had been missing for six days, was reunited with her owner Kim Platts in one of […]