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University Offering Degree On How To Be An Influencer

University Degree Influencer

  If you love the idea of influencing, this course is perfect for you!     A university in Ireland called South East Technological University is now offering a full-time degree in influencing.   This degree will provide students all they need to become a self-employed influencer. Course units are set to include crisis management, […]

Belgian University Offering Course On Taylor Swift

Literature professor in Belgium wants to explore the poetic essence of Taylor Swift’s lyrics! Earlier this year, a spark ignited within literature professor from Ghent University in Belgium, McCausland after listening to The Great War from Midnights the album by Taylor Swift. The metaphorical use of war in Swift’s art stirred her thoughts, even evoking […]

University Allows Students To Graduate In Costumes

University Students Costumes

  Students are allowed to dress whatever they like for graduation at University of Kyoto.     This university happens to be one of the biggest universities in Japan and the second-oldest after University of Tokyo.   For this memorable event, students get creative and attend wearing the most extravagant costumes.   Do you think […]

KSU Announces ‘Period Lockers’ In University

Starting this academic year, the University of Malta will provide a “Period Locker” stocked with pads, tampons, and liners for free to students.     This initiative was made possible through a partnership between Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) and VJ Salomone Marketing, who urged students to be considerate of others and only take what they […]