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AI Generated Woman Sells Her Nudes Online

ai woman sells nudes


Blurring the lines between reality and fantasy 😲



Several men fell for a fake woman named “Claudia” and ended up purchasing nudes from an AI-generated persona. The woman, who was described as “gorgeous,” was actually created by Stable Diffusion, an AI program that generates realistic photos based on simple text prompts.


Claudia was created with an AI program that generates images using text prompts, but her creators wanted to see how easily people are be fooled


The men on the platform were lured in by scandalous images posted by “Claudia,” who offered to send nudes to anyone willing to pay the price. Some men were so enamored with the AI persona that they even asked her out, boasting about their six-figure salaries.



However, the illusion was shattered when it was revealed that “Claudia” was actually created by two computer science students. The duo had made the account ‘u/Cl4ud14’ to see if they could fool people with digital images, and they reportedly made $100 off the AI nudes before being caught.


The incident highlights the power of AI to create realistic personas that can be difficult to distinguish from real people. In this case, the AI program was able to generate a convincing photo of a woman with specific features, such as black hair, shoulder-length hair, hair bangs, and a simple background. However, the incident also raises ethical questions about the use of AI to deceive people and the potential for harm that could result.