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UK School Hires Robot As Assistant Headmaster

  Will robots actually take over the world?     In a surprising turn of events, a school in the United Kingdom has taken a unique step by appointing an AI robot as its “principal headteacher”. Cottesmore School, situated in West Sussex, partnered with an artificial intelligence developer to create Abigail Bailey, the robotic headteacher, […]

Tinder Testing A.I. Tool To Help Pick Your Best Photos

A trial is underway on the dating app Tinder, where an artificial intelligence tool is being put to the test. Its objective is to curate the most attractive images from users’ collections, aiming to optimize the likelihood of receiving a positive swipe.   Functioning by analyzing a user’s photo collection, the tool will meticulously pick […]

AI Glasses Will Tell You What People Think About You

AI Glasses People

A tech expert predicts that in the future, AI glasses will let humans detect lies and attractions from other people. The expert, Devin Liddell, says that this technological advancement will be inevitable. He revealed that the glasses will have advanced computer vision that help the person wearing it understand emotions and details beyond human sight. […]

Harvard University Planning On Using A.I. For Teaching


From brains to bots 🤖   Harvard University has unveiled an intriguing plan for the upcoming fall semester, introducing an unexpected twist to one of its esteemed coding classes. Students at this prestigious institution will soon find themselves immersed in a groundbreaking educational experience as the flagship coding course will now be taught with the […]

AI Ranks The Top 10 Most Handsome Actors

AI Top 10 Most Handsome Actors

  Check out the top 10 most handsome actors according to ChatGPT:     Chris Hemsworth     Henry Cavill     Brad Pitt     Ryan Gosling     Idris Elba     Chris Evans     Tom Hardy     Michael B. Jordan     Benedict Cumberbatch     Leonardo di Caprio   […]

AI Shows What The Perfect Maltese Woman Looks Like

AI perfect maltese woman

The ‘perfect’ Maltese woman revealed 😯   According to a recent research done by Great Green Wall, AI was used to create the perfect woman from each country across the world.   “In terms of Malta’s beauty standards, brunette is definitely preferred, as each model was shown with this hair color,” they reported.   “Despite […]

AI Generates Perfect Man & Woman For Social Media

The Bulimia Project has done outstanding work in demonstrating how impossible it is to get the “perfect” look for both men and women.   The “ideal” man and woman were created by an eating disorder awareness group using AI and the social media posts that receive the most likes and comments.   According to their […] Generate Images Of Malta During WW2, a cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) research group, has generated a captivating series of images depicting what Malta could have looked like during World War II.   Using advanced machine learning algorithms, has painstakingly reconstructed historically accurate scenes from the island’s wartime past.   The attention to detail in these images brings to life […]

New AI Website Can Find Every Photo Of You Online

  Artificial intelligence has both intrigued and frightened people with its capabilities 😲     A site called ‘PimEyes’ has been developed to help people find images of themselves that have been posted online. The website uses AI technology to search the internet for pictures that match the user’s face.   However, the website has […]

AI Artist Creates Images Of Central Park In Malta

central park malta ai

  Malta’s own Central Park? 🤩⁠ ⁠   Malta-based AI company,, has released a set of photos showing what Central Park might look like if it were in the heart of Malta. The rectangular shape of the park is set amidst a familiar limestone skyline, and the greenery follows the shape of Valletta’s peninsula […]

AI Generated Woman Sells Her Nudes Online

ai woman sells nudes

  Blurring the lines between reality and fantasy 😲     Several men fell for a fake woman named “Claudia” and ended up purchasing nudes from an AI-generated persona. The woman, who was described as “gorgeous,” was actually created by Stable Diffusion, an AI program that generates realistic photos based on simple text prompts.   […]

AI Artists Recreate Traditional Maltese Figolli

Malta & AI has generated images of figolli using Artificial Intelligence.   Using the latest image recognition technology, the AI system has analyzed hundreds of images of figolli from across the island, and is now able to generate its own hyper-realistic designs. Take a look at the new designs!

AI Artist Creates Malta’s Version Of Viral Pope Image

archbishop ai image

Move over Pope Francis, it’s Malta’s Archbishop, Charles J. Scicluna’s turn ⛪️   After the recent AI generated image of Pope Francis wearing a white Balenciaga-style, puffer jacket went viral last week, check out this iconic AI-generated photo by @malta_ai, showcasing the Archbishop in trendy jackets and clothing. It’s hard to believe it’s not a […]

Microsoft’s AI Threatening Users Who Provoke It

ai threaten users

How creepy is this? 😲   Following a student’s revelation of Bing’s AI allegedly prioritizing a its own survival over his, social media has been flooded with horrified individuals.   Marvin von Hagen, a student at the University of Munich, recently took to Twitter to disclose the details of his conversation with Microsoft Bing’s new […]

South Park’s New Episode Is Written By ChatGPT

Could ChatGPT replace scriptwriters? The latest episode of South Park, titled “Deep Learning,” was penned by ChatGPT, the cutting-edge language model developed by OpenAI. This marks a significant milestone in the entertainment industry, demonstrating the potential of AI-generated content.   The episode, which premiered on March 15th, showcases ChatGPT’s impressive language capabilities, as it produced […]