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Apple Announces Feature To Help Identify Depression

What do you think of this new feature? 🤔   In an exciting development, Apple has unveiled its upcoming software update that will incorporate mental health features, enabling users to track and record their emotions and moods, while also gaining valuable insights.   The Vice President of Health at Apple expressed their vision, stating, “Our […]

AI Generated Woman Sells Her Nudes Online

ai woman sells nudes

  Blurring the lines between reality and fantasy 😲     Several men fell for a fake woman named “Claudia” and ended up purchasing nudes from an AI-generated persona. The woman, who was described as “gorgeous,” was actually created by Stable Diffusion, an AI program that generates realistic photos based on simple text prompts.   […]

Microsoft’s AI Threatening Users Who Provoke It

ai threaten users

How creepy is this? 😲   Following a student’s revelation of Bing’s AI allegedly prioritizing a its own survival over his, social media has been flooded with horrified individuals.   Marvin von Hagen, a student at the University of Munich, recently took to Twitter to disclose the details of his conversation with Microsoft Bing’s new […]