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AI Generated Woman Sells Her Nudes Online

ai woman sells nudes

  Blurring the lines between reality and fantasy 😲     Several men fell for a fake woman named “Claudia” and ended up purchasing nudes from an AI-generated persona. The woman, who was described as “gorgeous,” was actually created by Stable Diffusion, an AI program that generates realistic photos based on simple text prompts.   […]

Microsoft’s AI Threatening Users Who Provoke It

ai threaten users

How creepy is this? 😲   Following a student’s revelation of Bing’s AI allegedly prioritizing a its own survival over his, social media has been flooded with horrified individuals.   Marvin von Hagen, a student at the University of Munich, recently took to Twitter to disclose the details of his conversation with Microsoft Bing’s new […]

Whatsapp To Stop Working On Millions Of Phones

whatsapp stop working

Whatsapp users, listen up 👂   The popular messaging app, Whatsapp, will stop working on millions on old phones. Both Apple and Android phones that are of older models will stop supporting updates to the app, making it unusable on these devices.   META announced that the app will stop working on 49 different models […]

First Ever Text Message Was Sent 30 Years Ago

first text message

The first ever text message was sent in December 1992, and it read “MERRY CHRISTMAS” 🎄   Neil Papworth, a Vodafone engineer, was testing the new technology when he sent the message to one of the mobile network’s executives, who happened to be at a Christmas party. Unfortunately, he did not receive a text response. […]

WATCH: Coldplay Asks Fans Not To Use Phones During Show


Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, asked the audience to “try that again” during a performance without using their phones or cameras.     After delivering his request to fans, the crowd erupted into a roar of applause, praising the singer’s request to perform one song completely tech-free.   @brogan.thomas Without a doubt the […]

WATCH: Flying Cars Are Officially Coming Sooner Than We Thought

  We’re really living in the future huh – the Simpsons predicted flying cars too I guess 😂     Flying cars are coming sooner than we thought! A car that can transform into a small aircraft has passed flights tests with flying colours in Slovakia, developers say.     The “AirCar” was awarded an […]

Malta’s worst internet passwords of the year revealed

Malta’s worst internet passwords of 2019 have been revealed Every year, security group SplashData analyses more than five million leaked passwords on the internet and collates them together in a handy list. In first place, for the eighth year running, is ‘123456’, as the worst password to use in 2019. It looks like people still […]

You’ll soon be able to report fake news on Instagram

Have you spotted fake news on your Instagram feed recently? The social media giant has come up with a new way to make it easier to report dodgy content online. Instagram wants its users to help prevent misinformation being shared on its platform. Starting from the end of August, if an Instagram user sees something […]

10 tips to help you stop checking your mobile every two minutes

Do you find it impossible to sit on a bus or even watch TV without checking your phone? Do you worry about missing out if you don’t check social media every few minutes? These are all indications of digital addiction, a fast-growing problem in Malta that has been linked to ­stress, isolation and sleep issues. […]

Instagram starts HIDING likes from your followers

Instagram has started hiding likes as part of a trial aimed at removing ‘the pressure’ and shifting the focus to ‘sharing the things’ its users enjoy. The Facebook-owned photo-sharing app said the trial in countries including Ireland, Italy and Australia was aimed at stopping the platform from feeling ‘like a competition’. The change applies to […]

Google is tracking your every move – here’s how to stop it

It probably comes as no surprise that Google keeps track of every place you visit, using the apps on your smartphone. The information is used to give you recommendations based on locations you’ve visited, targeted ads, traffic news and help finding your mobile. But while these things can be useful, not all of us feel […]

iPhone designer to leave Apple after 30 years

The British man who designed the iPhone, iPod and Mac is leaving Apple after 30 years – saying it is a ‘natural’ time to go. Chief design officer Sir Jony Ive announced his plans to start his own design company called LoveFrom on Thursday – and said it will count Apple among its first clients. […]

You need to be VERY careful with Facebook’s new ‘like’ feature

We all love a good stalk on Facebook. Seeing what our exes are doing, delving deep into an old school friend’s Facebook photo album and genuinely being very nosy. We didn’t need to worry about accidentally liking a photo and we could carry on for hours undetected. But those days are now gone – as […]

Google ‘blocks Huawei from using apps on phones’

Google has blocked Huawei from using apps on its phones. Fears that the Chinese government could use Huawei to spy on other countries are thought to be the reason behind the move. Huawei is one of a number of manufacturers who use the Google-developed Android operating systems on its smartphones and tablets. Google reportedly halted […]

Are you using one of the most-hacked passwords?

The most common computer passwords have been revealed. The research showed a number of easily guessed log-ins are still being widely used, despite warnings about cyber security. 123456 was the most used, ahead of 123456789 and qwerty – the series of letters which appear in a line on a computer keyboard. The word password and […]

The mighty black hole finally gets a name

The mighty black hole pictured in a world first photograph has been named Powehi. A language professor gave the Hawaiian name to the cosmic object, which was photographed with the help of two telescopes from the US island state. University of Hawaii Professor Larry Kimura said it was a ‘privilege’ to decide the entity’s name. […]