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Men Tend To Lie About Their Height & Penis Size, Study Finds

When someone asks a male about their height (or penis size), the answer may not be so accurate.         A new study has explored the self-reported bodily markers, such as height and penis size, and found that they are often a little larger than reality.    The study, which was published in […]

AI Artist Creates Images Of Central Park In Malta

central park malta ai

  Malta’s own Central Park? 🤩⁠ ⁠   Malta-based AI company,, has released a set of photos showing what Central Park might look like if it were in the heart of Malta. The rectangular shape of the park is set amidst a familiar limestone skyline, and the greenery follows the shape of Valletta’s peninsula […]

STUDY FINDS: Smelling Other People’s Sweat Can Cure Anxiety

sweat cures anxiety

  New research suggests that sniffing body odour from other people may have a positive impact on treating social anxiety. The study involved taking armpit sweat from volunteers who watched different types of film clips, before using the samples alongside mindfulness therapy to treat social anxiety.     The results showed that mindfulness therapy was […]

Rita Ora Will Be Performing During Eurovision Interval

  Bringing together the best in music for a global audience 🤩     Rita Ora is set to perform a medley of her greatest hits during the upcoming Eurovision semi-finals. The event, which is expected to draw in an audience of around 160 million people, will also feature other English and Ukrainian artists such […]

IT Security Company Hires 2 Of The Arrested Students

freehour app security breach

The IT company Dedaub announced that it has recently hired 2 of the students out of 4 who were arrested following a security breach in a popular student application.       The students had found a vulnerability in the student app which allowed them to view other students’ data, including their names, schedules, and […]

AI Generated Woman Sells Her Nudes Online

ai woman sells nudes

  Blurring the lines between reality and fantasy 😲     Several men fell for a fake woman named “Claudia” and ended up purchasing nudes from an AI-generated persona. The woman, who was described as “gorgeous,” was actually created by Stable Diffusion, an AI program that generates realistic photos based on simple text prompts.   […]

KSU Speak Out & Promise To Help Arrested Students

ksu helping students

  KSU released a statement 📱   In response to yesterday’s news, KSU posted a statement on their Facebook page today, expressing their support for the students and promising to provide them with all the necessary help and support they require. The university has also assured the public that it is taking steps to ensure […]

Most Expensive Shoe Sold For €2 Million

most expensive shoe

  A record-breaking sale has taken place at an auction, where a pair of trainers once worn by basketball legend Michael Jordan were sold for an astounding $2.2m (£1.7m), making them the most expensive shoes ever sold.     Sotheby’s had estimated that the signed sneakers would fetch anywhere between $2m to $4m, and they […]

Ħaż Żebbuġ Council Puts Up Signs To Help Protect Bees

Brilliant initiative in Ħaż Żebbuġ! Councillor Steve Zammit Lupi shared some photos of an initiative that started in the locality.   There was a lot of enthusiasm for this initiative on social media, and it seems that people appreciate the efforts being made.   Zammit Lupi wrote that plants like peppermint, fennel, thistle, nettle, and […]

Ed Sheeran Surprises Subway Singer With Concert Tickets

  Ed Sheeran surprised New York City subway singer Mike Yung with a hug and tickets to his show 🤩⁠ ⁠   Yung gained widespread attention in previous instances for performing a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” and for making an appearance on the popular TV show “America’s Got Talent.”⁠   View this […]