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Woman Uses House Deposit To Travel In Van With Her Dog

Woman Deposit Travel Van Dog

  Quitting our jobs to do this!   Alice Bleathman, an Australian dietician, from Tasmania, had launched her own company shortly before the Covid epidemic struck and went entirely online during that time.   Fortunately, this allowed Alice—who had always wanted to travel—to work remotely from any location in the nation.     In order to purchase […]

Woman Marries Herself After 20 Yrs Of Saving Up

Woman Marries Herself

  The level of confidence we all need!     42-year-old Sarah Wilkinson from Felixstowe, Suffolk, recently celebrated her wedding at Harvest House.   After years of saving up, she spent £10k on the ceremony to marry herself.     Her wedding was held on September 30th and was surrounded by forty of her closest friends and […]

Woman With 2 Vaginas Uses One For OnlyFans

Woman Vaginas OnlyFans

  Evelyn Miller from Australia was born with two vaginas, two wombs, two uteruses and one ovary on each set.   Her condition called Uterus Didelphys, has helped her in finding major success with a career on OnlyFans. She films with her husband Tom and has strict rules about which vagina she uses.     […]

Woman Prays To A Shrek Buddha For 4 Yrs By Mistake

Woman Prays Shrek Buddha

  We believe in Shrek!     A woman in the Philippines prayed to a Buddha statue she bought from a shop for four years.   She had been praying to a Buddha statue until a friend revealed to her it was actually Shrek.     How would you react if this happened to you?  

Woman’s Secret To Happy Marriage Is Dating Other People

Woman Secret Happy Marriage

  Dr Lori Beth Bisbey shared her secret to a long and happy marriage to her husband.     Herself and her husband have been together for 14 years and married for around 9. Her big secret to their successful marriage is being allowed to date other people.   She explains that since she’s a […]

63-Yr-Old Woman Shares Tip To Ageing Backwards

63 Woman Ageing

  An inspiration!   Gym Tan is the 63-year-old woman who has recently gone viral on social media for her age-defying looks.   The Californian woman doesn’t hide the fact she’s in her 60s, but states she feels better than she was in her 20s.   “I think what is keeping me looking younger is […]

Woman Turns Backyard Into Greece To Pay Her Mortgage

Woman Backyard Greece Mortgage

  This woman brought one of the most beautiful countries in the world to her backyard to help pay her mortgage.     Villa Blanco is located in Los Angeles and resembles Greek architecture, giving you the full Greek experience.     The owner rents this place out for photo shoots, video shoots or other […]

Hotel Slammed For Serving Dessert On Woman In Bikini

Hotel Dessert Woman Bikini

  A fancy hotel in Italy has recently been slammed for their unusual decision to serve dessert alongside a woman in a bikini covered in chocolate as an addition to the table.     The staff member was on display for 30 minutes as part of dessert and entertainment at the Hotel Voi Colonna Village […]

Woman Makes BF Sign A Contract So He Won’t Cheat

Woman BF Contract Cheat

  A girlfriend is willing to sue her partner if he cheats on her.   The pair are in a long-distance relationship, so she’s making him sign a contract to make sure he doesn’t cheat while they’re away from each other.     TikToker Devon Motley sparked controversy after going viral for a video in […]

Men Are More Sensitive To Stress Than Women

Study finds a contrast to stereotypical gender belief.. Gender-differentiated stress responses have come under scrutiny in recent research, suggesting that men may bear the brunt of its impact.   This novel study has far-reaching implications, potentially tailoring therapeutic approaches for conditions like depression and obesity. In this investigation, scientists at the Weizmann Institute and the […]

Woman Who Married Ghost Got Divorced With Exorcism

Woman Ghost Divorced Exorcism

  Who needs a regular divorce when you can have an exorcism? 💔👻     This woman took her breakup to a whole new level by divorcing her ghostly husband through a spiritual cleansing.   Brocarde shocked the world after marrying a ghost from the Victorian-era. But now, they got divorced!   After her husband […]

Woman Who Can’t Stop Farting Is Desperate For Help

Woman Farting Help

  A woman who couldn’t stop farting went to a chiropractor in the hopes that having her bones cracked might help.   Dr. Colón from the TLC program Crack Addicts got to work helping Brenda and found that the woman’s pelvis had internally rotated and was an inch higher on one side.     Brenda’s […]

Woman Trying To Lose 90Kg Dies During Fitness Camp

Woman Dies Fitness Camp

  After starting her journey to lose 90kg as quickly as possible, a young influencer passed away while participating in a fitness camp.     Cuihua, aged 21, died while attending a stay-in weight loss camp in Shaanxi, China.   In a post on social media, her family announced the devastating news of her passing.   […]

AI Shows What The Perfect Maltese Woman Looks Like

AI perfect maltese woman

The ‘perfect’ Maltese woman revealed 😯   According to a recent research done by Great Green Wall, AI was used to create the perfect woman from each country across the world.   “In terms of Malta’s beauty standards, brunette is definitely preferred, as each model was shown with this hair color,” they reported.   “Despite […]

102-Yr-Old Woman Says Secret To Long Life Is Good Sex

102 Woman Long Life Good Sex

  Want to live longer? Have sex 😉     According to Joyce, a 102-year-old American woman, having good sex has been the key to her long life.   In 1945, Joyce and Terrence Jackman, her high school boyfriend, got married. Before enlisting in the Air Force to serve as a cook during World War […]

77-Year-Old Woman Marries Herself To Show Self Love

77 Woman Marries Self Love

  In Ohio, a 77-year-old woman married herself in self-love celebration 50 years after her ex-husband’s divorce.     The newlywed, Dorothy Fedeli, said, “This is something I’ve always wanted,” when asked what led her to make this unusual choice.   “My plans to get married and lead a happy life didn’t pan out, but now […]