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Malta Film Commission on Mediterrane Festival, Local Films & Cash Rebates

Attracting Investment and Nurturing Local Cinema!

The primary aim of the Mediterrane Film Festival, as explained by the Malta Film Commissioner, is to attract investment and boost Malta’s commercial film sector. It’s important to distinguish between this goal and funding local productions, which aims to nurture the local industry. Confusing these goals misleads discussions.

The Festival’s Role: The festival successfully stimulates economic growth by showcasing Malta’s potential to top studio executives. Last year’s festival broke investment records, generating jobs and millions in benefits. The festival also hosts masterclasses and panels to maximize public investment.

Local Film Productions: Public funds for foreign investment, which yield ROI, should not be conflated with those for local productions, which focus on cultural enrichment. The Malta Film Commission supports local productions through cash rebates and training but no longer manages their funding, now handled by the Arts Council Malta.

The Cash Rebate: The cash rebate program, designed to attract foreign direct investment, has been key to Malta’s success. It also supports local productions. The government remains committed to the rebate, ensuring its continued success as a foundational pillar for economic growth in the film sector.