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21-Year-Old From Viral Fight Video Released On Bail

viral video fight bail

A 21-year-old man from Dingli who was caught on camera assaulting a man and a woman in broad daylight in Xemxija after a petty car accident has been granted bail. Adam Zammit Soler, who operates a turnkey construction company, left the male and female victims injured on the street last Thursday.



In the video footage, Soler, who is a large man, is seen sitting on the defenseless man and punching him while the woman screams for him to stop. He then hits the woman and drives away, leaving them on the ground with black eyes and other injuries. During the court hearing, it was revealed that the footage was captured by a nearby resident who heard the commotion. A police inspector reported that Soler only ceased his assault when he realized that people were watching.



The woman was left with serious injuries from the attack. Soler’s lawyers, Nicholas Mifsud and Robert Gauci Maestre, argued that Soler employs ten individuals in his business and requested that he be granted bail. They also claimed to have footage indicating that Soler had been provoked into attacking the two victims.



Mifsud questioned how the state would benefit from incarcerating Soler, who is accused of injuring others after losing his temper. He also stated that he anticipates charges being brought against the victims based on the evidence they possess.