Ukrainian President’s Dancing Video Resurfaces

  During Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, resurfaced footage of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky dancing on television has been dubbed “a new favourite foreign leader.”     Since 2019, the 44-year-old politician, who was previously an actor and comedian, has served as Ukraine’s president.     Since Russia invaded his country, Zelensky has released a […]

Can you spot what’s wrong with this world map?

If you’re going to spend €30 on a map of the world, you want it to be accurate at the very least. But one poor country has been wiped from the face of the Earth in this map on sale at Ikea. Can you spot the mistake? The photo was uploaded to Reddit, where people […]

Are these the funniest viral videos in Malta EVER?

Welcome to Malta! Our island is beautiful, the people are friendly and the food is on point. But sometimes we’re a hot-blooded bunch and things get a little out of hand. We’ve compiled some of the best viral videos that Malta has to offer. You might want to turn down the sound a little because […]