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Thornton Nominated For Weightlifter Of The Year

  Congrats Tenishia 💖   The Times of Malta revealed that Tenishia Thornton, Malta’s best weightlifter, has been selected as one of the nominees for a prestigious award by the European Weightlifting Federation that will be presented next month.     Thornton has had a standout 2022, winning some of the most prestigious competitions on […]

‘You’ To Return With Its Fifth And Final Season

Well Hello, You. Netflix revealed today that its popular thriller series “You,” featuring Penn Badgley as the notorious serial killer Joe Goldberg, will return for a fifth and final season.   The upcoming season will see a shift in leadership, with executive producers Michael Foley and Justin W. Lo taking over from Sera Gamble, who […]

WATCH: Security Guard Goes Viral Dancing At Taylor Swift Concert

Security Guard Viral Taylor Swift Concert

  One member of the safety team entertained the crowd during “Blank Space,” one of Taylor Swift’s biggest hits from her 2014 album 1989, at one of the Eras Tour shows in Glendale, Arizona.     A popular TikTok video shows the employee, Pocket, having a blast dancing along to Swift’s performance.     “Our security […]

Woman Earns Thousands As A Naked Cleaner

Woman Thousands Naked Cleaner

  To increase her income, Lottie Rae began cleaning naked in 2017. She estimates that she has earned thousands of pounds over the years.     Many of the 32-year-clients old’s have been other naturists, but she has also worked for people who just want a little company and others who want more than just a quick […]

9 Month Pregnant Woman Runs 1 Mile In 5 Minutes

Pregnant Woman Runs Mile

  A heavily pregnant woman who breezed through a mile in under five minutes shocked onlookers during a track event in California.     Makenna Myler, a seasoned middle-distance runner, insisted on continuing her training while being pregnant.   The soon-to-be mother of two from Orange County, California, continued her training throughout her first pregnancy, […]

Man Who Was Dead For 4 Hours Says He Met The Devil

Man Dead Met Devil

  After being stabbed, a guy who had been declared as dead by his doctor claims that he encountered the devil and witnessed hell itself.     A doctor described his interaction with a young man in his early 20s who had been stabbed in the heart.   The victim was taken into surgery by medical staff […]

Meet Baddie Winkle, The 94 Year-Old Fashion Icon

Baddie Winkle 94 Fashion

  Just a baddie living her best life!     Helen Van Winkle, better known on Instagram as Baddie Winkle, lived a rather ordinary life in Waco, Kentucky, before becoming famous.   Baddiewinkle described how she came up with her account name and said it was really simple.   “I’m a bad bi**h; always been […]

Woman Passes Driving Test After 960 Attempts

Woman Driving Test

  The finest example of never giving up!   Any aspiring driver in South Korea must pass a written test before being given the keys to the car to complete a practical test.     After numerous tries to pass her test, the South Korean woman, then 69, eventually earned her driving license.   Cha […]

103 Year-Old Woman Goes To The Gym Regularly

103 Woman Gym Regularly

  What an icon!   A 103-year-old woman who goes to the gym three or four times per week claims it’s her happy place.     Teresa Moore, a resident of Camarillo, California, likes to put herself through her paces and frequently uses the weightlifting machines, treadmills, and other training equipment.     When it […]

WATCH: 7 Italian T.V. Adverts You Probably Forgot About

Italian TV Adverts

  If you’ve ever watched Italian television – which we’re guessing you probably have – you may have come across one or more of these iconic adverts!     Safe to say that Italian T.V. wouldn’t have been the same without these ads.   Check out our favourite 7 here:   The Levissima water advert […]

21-Year-Old From Viral Fight Video Released On Bail

viral video fight bail

A 21-year-old man from Dingli who was caught on camera assaulting a man and a woman in broad daylight in Xemxija after a petty car accident has been granted bail. Adam Zammit Soler, who operates a turnkey construction company, left the male and female victims injured on the street last Thursday.     In the […]

Selena Defends Hailey From Death Threats

Selena Gomez has spoken out against the criticism and hate directed at Hailey Bieber.   On her Instagram Story, the “Lose You to Love Me” singer shared a message after learning that the model has been receiving death threats and hateful comments.   Selena, who follows Hailey on Instagram and has advocated for kindness, stated […]

Inmates Escape Jail Using Toothbrush & Metal Spoon

  The perfect escape plan 😬     Two prisoners, Arley Nemo and John Garza, made a daring escape from the Newport News Jail Annex in Virginia.     Armed with only a metal scoop, a toothbrush, and a can-do attitude, they discovered a design weakness in their cell wall and used a tactic reminiscent […]

Woman Lets Husband Have Sex With Other Women

An unusual agreement.. A woman who identifies as a “traditional wife” has claimed that she permits her husband to have sexual relations with other women as it keeps him content. Monica Huldt, a stay-at-home wife, explained that her day is mostly spent catering to her husband’s needs, as she enjoys taking care of people as […]

More Than 4,000 Maltese Nurses & Midwives Go On Strike

Expect some patients delays and cancellations in the coming days.   The Malta Union for Midwife and Nurses (MUMN) has issued a five-page directive to over 4,000 nurses and midwives throughout Malta and Gozo, calling for a strike that is now in full effect.   The strike is related to several issues, including the introduction […]

Trans Women Banned From International Sport Events

At international events, World Athletics has prohibited transgender women from participating in the female category, as per the announcement made by the organization’s president, Lord Coe.   He stated that transgender athletes who underwent male puberty would not be allowed to compete in female world ranking competitions starting from March 31.   To investigate transgender […]