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Man Who Was Dead For 4 Hours Says He Met The Devil

Man Dead Met Devil


After being stabbed, a guy who had been declared as dead by his doctor claims that he encountered the devil and witnessed hell itself.



A doctor described his interaction with a young man in his early 20s who had been stabbed in the heart.


Munising Memorial Hospital | Virtual Visits

The victim was taken into surgery by medical staff who were unwilling to let him die.


Four hours later, the man claims to have woken up crying and saying that he went straight down into hell and looked straight in the eyes of the devil.


The Devil: Definition, Origin & Names for Satan - HISTORY - HISTORY

“The last I heard, he’s completely changed his life; he gave his life to god, and I still to this day… the look in his eye when he woke up, the terror, I’m absolutely convinced he did meet the devil.”