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Thornton Nominated For Weightlifter Of The Year


Congrats Tenishia 💖


The Times of Malta revealed that Tenishia Thornton, Malta’s best weightlifter, has been selected as one of the nominees for a prestigious award by the European Weightlifting Federation that will be presented next month.


Tenishia Thornton places seventh at European Youth Championships - SportsDesk


Thornton has had a standout 2022, winning some of the most prestigious competitions on the world stage. The European federation has taken note of her accomplishments.

Tenishia Thornton wins Atlas Youth Athlete of the Year Award 2020 | Atlas Insurance Malta | People You Can Trust

In reality, the governing authority put Thornton forward for the AIPS-Europe-sponsored Weightlifter of the Year Award, which will be given out on April 14 at the continental championships in Yerevan, Armenia.