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Mum Gives Birth To Baby Girl Whilst In Coma

After learning she had a brain tumor, a lady who felt “trapped within herself” was able to give birth while unconscious.     Essex resident Emma Taylor was in the last stages of her pregnancy when she was given a medically induced coma just before giving birth to her child last year, a remarkable six […]

Phrases Every Maltese Mum Has Said To Her Child

Phrases Maltese Mum Child

  We’re 100% sure these phrases were said to you, or you’ve heard them before!     Check out 8 phrases every Maltese mum has said to her child:   1. Jekk taqa’ nkompli ntik   2. Inġib iċ-ċintorin?   3. Saqsi lil missierek!   4. Ġej il-babaw   5. Il-ħbieb sal-bieb   6. Kollha […]

Mum Wins $2M With Lottery Ticket She Bought After Her Daughter Beat Cancer

Mum Lottery Daughter Cancer

  Well deserved!     A Florida grandma purchased the final scratch-off from her favorite lottery game after spending her entire life savings to pay for her daughter’s breast cancer treatment.   To her surprise, she won the $2 million cash prize from the lottery.   Geraldine Gimblet of Lakeland was rejoicing when Lawrencia Jackson, […]

Mum Says Her 14 Tattoos Don’t Make Her A Bad Mum

Tattoos Bad Mum

  A mother from the UK felt forced to defend her choice of getting face tattoos after others made her feel like a criminal or a “wild” woman.     Claire Elsie-Rose, 33, from Lincolnshire is the mother of four kids, who range in age from six months to 12.   The general public, however, rarely […]

Bride Walks In On Groom Breastfed By His Mum

Bride Groom Breastfed Mum

  Probably the last thing she expected to see!     Speaking on The Unfiltered Bride podcast, Georgie Mitchell told co-host Beth a story she had heard about quite literally the mother of all disaster weddings.   She explains: “I’ve been told this, both by makeup artists. She said the bride needed to go to the toilet […]

WATCH: 6-Year-Old Finds Mum’s Giant Dildo Under Her Bed

Mum Dildo Bed

  29-year-old mum Lauren Barden was left mortified after she found her 6-year-old son using her giant dildo as a punching bag.     She filmed the moment she realised that her son found her 8-inch suction dildo which she had been hiding under her bed.   In the TikTok, Lauren asked him “what are […]

6 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  Didn’t have time to get your mum something special for mother’s day? Fret not! Here’s a list of 6 gift ideas for that special person in your life!   1. Treat her to a Spa Day               2. Plan a family picnic     3.  Take her out […]

Mom On TikTok Allows And Defends Her Kids’ Swearing

    A mom has gone viral on TikTok for allowing her kids to swear inside the house.         As @psyko_therapy (a.k.a. TikTokmom) explains in her video, her kids are allowed to swear under strict rules: Only when they are home alone with their parents Never to disrespect anyone Not to call […]